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Hi, i don't mind moving this if it's in the wrong place to ask this

Ok so, I've just learned about using NoteImage and KeyImage in the Skin.ini to set each key/note to a different picture, but now my problem is that i've no idea how to actually animate the note,

I can do NoteImage0L: MyImage0L
just fine but then it's not animated, I've also tried commas like:
NoteImage0l: MyImage0L-0,MyImage0L-1 etc

and also
NoteImage0L: MyImage0L-0, MyImage0L-1, MyImage0L-2 etc

and also

But none of these work. I checked the wiki, didn't help
How do you do it?
Is it even possible?
Hey it's ya boy "animate long notes how you do it" coming at you with how to do it

So yea i just like figured out and it's actually quite simple, say you want you first note to be red so you name it whatever like "Red", then you get your handy "RedH" and "RedT" if you're that kinda guy, now you got your "RedL-0" through "RedL-9" and you want to set it so that only the red note uses your Red animation right and it's so simple

Keys: Whatever
NoteImage0: Red
NoteImage0H: RedH
NoteImage0T: RedT
NoteImage0L: RedL

It's that simple, it's gon do it on its own.
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