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AusNZ! 4K Mania Tournament 2018 [Completed]

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Welcome to the 3rd (3.5th?) installment of the Australia & New Zealand mania tournament!


Congratulations to Rek for winning!

Stream Link | Bracket

Tournament Staff

Lusty Platypus | PotassiumF

Map Selectors
Guilhermeziat | juankristal

-Xenovia- | Aloda | Earthfox99 | PotassiumF | Hues | Knif3rism | Lusty Platypus
NotDeadYet | RipJang | sparxe | Spicy Meme | Tectre | Worms

Knif3rism | Lusty Platypus | Melt3dCheeze | nonamegohst
PotassiumF | RipJang

GruzzlyBear (what a legend)

Melt3dCheeze | NotDeadYet | Rek

cool dude (advertising)

Main Rules
1. Tournament is open to all players living in Australia/New Zealand (* It is also open to Aus/NZ players who are living abroad, from Aus/NZ - Please contact one of the staff members in this case.)
2. This tournament style is a double elimination bracket with qualifying round
3. Seedings are based on your performance in the qualifying round
4. The tournament has no participant limit
5. Any people that insults/fights/or has a poor attitude with other players and/or tournament staff will be disqualified (Same goes for staff members participating in tournament)
6. ausu! community rules also applies to this tournament, any rule break in the community servers (e.g. discord) can have potential disqualification and bans from participating in this and future Ausu! tournaments.

Match Rules
1. 1 on 1 4K match
2. ScoreV2 will be used
3. Highest score wins (revived scores count)
4. If both players fail, the player with the highest failed score wins the point
5. If the scores are tied, then the beatmap will be played again
6. Allowed mods are Hidden, Flashlight and FadeIn (playing with FL will make you cool ;) )
7. You are granted 1 ban per match
8. You get 1 4K warm-up pick (limit up to 5 mins per warmup)
9. !roll will determine who will pick the beatmap first
10. The lowest roll will ban the map first, followed by the highest roller
11. You have to be on the match on the scheduled time
12. If you aren't here 10 mins past the match time the other player wins by default

Tournament Structure
Seedings are based on your performance in the qualifying round
5 points to win the match in the Round of 48
5 points to win the match in the Round of 32
5 points to win the match in the Round of 16
6 points to win the match in the Round of 8
6 points to win the match in the Semifinals
7 points to win the match in the Finals
7 points to win the match in the Grand Finals

Match Rules (Qualifying round)
A group match where everyone who registers will play a series of maps to determine your seeding in the tournament
The highest 32 (or 48) participants score average will proceed to group stage
The map pool contains 4 maps (Varied skills and difficulty)
There are no warm up maps and the pool will be played in a set order twice by the referee
If you do not arrive after 10 mins past the match start time you will be given a 0 score average unless you speak to a staff member prior to the qualifying round
Revival scores count
Score average is determined by your best score play for each of the four maps during the maps (maps are played twice)


Sign-ups: December 4-17
Qualifying Round: December 23-24
Bracket Stage: Begins January 6-7, End depends on sign-ups

1st Place: 8 months supporter + bedtime story from Lusty
2nd Place: 4 months supporter
3rd Place: 2 months supporter
Yo can i join?
I'm new >.<''
sign me up bois
Sign me up plz
| | |
| | |_ 8-)
Hi me too please
im new pls let me join
Here comes the new winner. Sign me up <3
haha never played mania before but can i join????????? UwU <3333333
im new pls let me join
i'll try
me too i wan pley
Potas u honestly get me hard good shit man
hai im noob can i pleas pley gaem thx u
you know what. screw it sign me up as well
im in, always up for a good tournament even when i will definitely lose
hi lol sign me up :)
I don’t care how much I suck, but sign me up for this!
(FL hype?)
sign me up coach
ya ill play
i have small penor let me in
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