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Hello , So I've been confronted to a problem the last few month. Every once in a while , I find myself trying to use certain audio files (songs for maps , hitsounds etc) and osu just don't play them. Redownloading the map, using the file on other skins, or even changing version of osu doesn't solve the problem. I'm stuck with maps without sound (like Imaginary places for example or Nico Megamix) and Skins with One hitsound not working (especially hitnormals on WWW latest skin) So Here I am, asking you for solutions if you know the problem, or if you have any suggestions

Thanx In advance, and have a good day !

osu! version: 20171203cuttingedge
Make sure you have surround sound disable through any program you use for your audio output device and through Windows itself. Make sure you also have all other audio enhancements disabled through Windows.

If this doesn't work, try using a different audio output device.
Ok So I tried both my headset and my screen and the sound does come out when I'm using my screen , so I guess it has something to do with my headset drivers with the surround , but I already have disabled it in the drivers (I have a logitech G430 and the surround is disbled in the logitech driver)
Do you have any idea why it doesn't actually disable it in the game ?
Well , plugged my headset with the 3.5mm for now , so it works because there is no surround, but I kinda want to use the microphone on the usb , so If you got any idea feel free to advice :)
Thanx for the surround response though, real helpfull !
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