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Problem Details:
i tried to reinstall osu today (i deleted it months ago, needed a break), and i used the latest update for mac (alpha)
here are the process i went through
1. installed osu and xquartz, went through all the xquartz installation
2. changed the engine for wineskin in osu (package contents > wineskin)
3. ran test drive

!alright now here comes the problem

4. osu starts up, with a window saying "client updating" loading.

the problem here is, once it loads to 100%, osu either
quits. just quits.
or, a window opens saying osu has crashed, so i restart osu
some weird error message https://i.imgur.com/UTSNuCy.jpg (sorry that it's unclear, i couldn't screenshot at the time)

so i click ok, whole process starts again, and again, and again. never ending. osu just does the same thing

same thing happens when i just click on osu (not test run using wineskin), the difference is just xquartz opens but doesn't do anything or show any messages.

help. :(

mac ver. OS X Yosemite
i think the problems might be either i don't have enough storage space on my mac, or my mac is outdated and i need to update it now, but i'm not too sure what the problem is.

(sorry if this is really unorganized, i'm not a good writer, and this is my first time posting to forum)
and i'm also very sorry if this has an easy fix, i don't know how to do all this mac stuff.

osu! version: 20160403.6
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