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Ok well to start of I've been playing Osu (CtB) for about 1.5years now and it hasn't happen before.

The problem is the game starts up fine but then when it loads and the menu where you pick the modes and option is suppose to display it's pitch black. I can't see anything and the weird thing is the music is playing and the only thing I can do is press esc and then 1 to close.

Anyone had anything similar happen or a solution? I would appreciate the help.
Is there anything changes to your computer recently before this happened? (e.g: installing programs, driver update, system setting changes, etc)
Hm nope no updates or new installations havnt touched a thing or changed. Yea its really weird just came out of the blue
I would make sure your audio/video drivers are fully updated.

Otherwise you can try going to Program Files - osu! and find the osu!<computer name>.cfg file and changing the "Renderer" line to opengl or d3d. Then try saving that and reopening osu!.
This sounds really weird. I'd definitely try changing the renderer and see if that helps, and also try and recall any recent driver updates you performed to your system.
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