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I think that if there was an ability to buy supporter subscription based, then a lot of people, including me, would by supporter. I want to buy supporter for a long time, with a discount, but I'm not ready to spend that amount of money at once. It would be a lot easier for a long term supporter if applied for subscription with set duration and you had that discount. If you wanted to cancel the subscription, you could pay a fee, or just have a subscription without a duration with a discount, but not a large discount.

Either way, I, and I guess a lot of people would love to have supporter subscription based. That would make being a supporter a lot easier and not so hard on your wallet in a single day.
One major problem with a subscription model is
a) the major overhead in tracking payments - i think you're severely underestimating this
2) potentially attached cost, for example when paying through paypal (transaction fee + some % of the cash value but when talking about amounts of 2$ the transaction fee really adds up)
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