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Yup, my account is 4 years old even if I've started playing this summer.

Was an hot summer and I had just figured out what an anime was. I was searching on the internet for anime and manga things when I came across this strange game called osu!. I was curious so I've installed it, opened it and a lot of colours, music and particles were flashing and blasting in front of me. I was confused, so I left if catching dust on my desktop.
This summer a friend of mine invited me on this game for playing just some simple things, and I felt in love with this game after 15 minutes of clicking (missing) circles
Apart from that, I'm searching for a discord/teamspeak server about osu! but I find only abandoned or closed servers...do you have some advices?
Im also searching for some people to play with, I'm stuck in #300000 at the moment :)
Thank you in advance c:

Welcome to the forums!
Welcome. Glad you are enjoying yourself. You can find lots of discord servers dedicate osu! here. Not sure how many of them are active, but you can see for yourself

Your avatar reminds me of something bad that I can’t make out yet...

But welcome anyways!

Sandy I’m still looping you as part of the starter pack lmao
welcome to osu
lamey why do you have the bandit as your avatar
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