[resolved] Mouse buttons go through on autoplay @ taiko [confirmed]

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Kitsune; He said this is when you're watching a replay, not playing.

Learn to read what people are saying, or don't post at all.

That being said, I haven't been able to reproduce this spamming the mouse keys... *jealous*
Shit happens to me all the time. Old news X3
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@Kitsunemimi: The last time I checked on my profile, I have:
  1. osu! Accuracy: 99.95%
  2. Taiko Accuracy: 100%
  3. CatchTheBeat Accuracy: 100%
And you still think that I'm trying to win everything by simply spamming keys? Thank you very much for noting, but I already know this is a rhythm game from start.

Also, you should note that there's Auto mod on the screenshot I provided, playing a Ranked beatmap (so no excuses about overlapping objects there).
Lots of Taiko players usually touch nothing when watching auto or replay since those kind of things are happening quite easily lol
this bug used to exist in autopilot years ago in standard mode. I remember it being fixed like four or five times. I don't know if taiko mode was ever tested for it.
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After testing this glitch several time, I guess I know what happened.

If we keep on clicking the mouse, it somehow registers 2 hits at the same time (while it was supposed to be once), hence it keeps on missing repeated notes (and sometimes getting half-score hit instead). This is indicated by the Taiko hitsound samples being louder.
This used to happen with osu! mode back then, but I can't believe taiko mode still hasn't fix this glitch.
I use this for testing my maps drain in fast long stream bpm 240+
spamming mousebuttons in bpm of 280 1/4 results to have 100
I'm curious if my changes made any difference for this issue.
- Marco -
I'm probably late but i think it's fixed
I think so because I separated input from the local user and the cursor input.
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