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why?i already submitted 2 maps and osu says,"complete your pending maps or wait any map to go to graveyard(4 weeks)"
what i have to do?
Seeing as non-subsribers are only allowed 2 pending maps (while having 0 ranked maps) there are a few things you can do.
Remember that with every ranked map you have your pending limit goes up by 1 (5 max for non-subscribers).

- Wait a month for 1 of them to graveyard automatically (with no posts or updates on it) and you will be able to upload another one
- Get one of the maps Ranked (that will open up 2 slots for you as your pending limit will go up)
- Become a subscriber and get another pending slot (3 with no ranked maps)

The main choice is to try and get your maps ranked, the limit is there to stop people uploading a bunch of maps and never working on them.
The submission section on the FAQ explains all of this as well
oh,ok...a supporter i can't become,and i've already get my timing correct,so what now?
Get them ranked, by following the modding process: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=17043 no BAT is gonna graveyard them for you just because you want to submit another one.
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