2012 Taiko World Cup (11th Feb ~ 1st Apr)

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Round 2 - Match #8 - 3/11/2012 - 19:00 (UTC)
Germany B 4 : 0 Spain

  1. Match History


--- Game #1 ---
Map: Ryu -I'm so Happy (tsuka) [Taiko]
  1. Germany B: 2,070,222
    Spain: 1,658,316
--- Game #2 ---
Map: NH22 - Corrosion (Lena) [Taiko Oni]
  1. Germany B: 1,935,944
    Spain: 1,813,620
Note: Players change: BrokenArrow --> Slih
--- Game #3 ---
Map: Senpi - Suteki na Hakaba de Kuraseru to Omotta noni (Kite) [Dunskin's Taiko Oni]
  1. Germany B: 3,666,140
    Spain: 2,891,070
--- Game #4 ---
Map: cosMo@Bousou P feat. Hatsune Miku - Hatsune Miku no Gekishou (lepidopodus) [Oni (Ura)]
  1. Germany B: 2,844,280
    Spain: 1,615,252

Referee: Anongos
Schedule for week 6:

Just as a reminder: If you have any problems with the assigned times, please talk to the other team first and reach an agreement before coming to me. Otherwise I will turn you away.
Maplist for Round 3 got announced. Please check the relevant post.

Without joking... personally I love this mappack and I'm sad that I can't play it... lol
chaosmaid \:D/
yayayayaya these maps

But why nyan cat xD so silly~
Hard match going to be hard.
I would like to at least FC some of them to be prepared!
Good luck to all teams :P
awwww alpha century just now....i really liked that map...

NeoRainier wrote:

awwww alpha century just now....i really liked that map...
awww thanks ;^;
Sooo.. you have next week for training.. Good luck everyone this round ^.^
good luck guys c:
Good luck to all countries!
Round of 16:

Korea A vs China:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311208669 (07:12 - 28:00)

Taiwan B vs France:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311211165 (13:17 - 31:05)

Philippines vs Hong Kong A:
Hong Kong A win by default

Italy-Netherlands vs United States A:
I missed orz

Japan A vs Korea B:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311295582 (03:27 - 22:35)

Taiwan A vs United States B:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311302559 (04:05 - 21:38)

Germany A vs Japan B:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311327434 (12:24 - end)

Germany B vs Spain:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311367899 (18:00 - 36:40)

Week 1-4: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=66910&p=1373966#p1373966

PS: still looking for record software
Such a pity our match couldn't have been streamed :<
Topic Starter
I hope our players didn't forget about the match. Hmm, really, no schedule change?
As I heard, HK A is not ava to play at morning, but seems aabc is too busy and cannot find US players to change the schedule
Topic Starter
You guys could ask for help...
We're still waiting for Anongos's agreement, but Germany B vs France should be delayed to 17/03 11:30 UTC ;)
Topic Starter
@^: If both team agreed, that won't be problem, I guess?

17th 13:30 --> 17th 11:30, it's not 'delayed', I guess? lol

Whoops, match in 12:00 ?!?! Ok let's find anongos.
Well yes, our match isn't really "delayed" :p

lepidopodus wrote:

Whoops, match in 12:00 ?!?! Ok let's find anongos.
Our bad. Locher sent me a PM yesterday to ask me if we could play our match earlier, but I couldn't asnwer before today 14:00 UTC :s
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