Which tablet should I choose?

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I'm before buying my first tablet for Osu! , but I can't decide which one to go with because I want a tablet which is good, easily usable, and didn't goes to death after 3 - 4 months of use.

These are the tablets in my mind:

Huion 420: Link
XP Pen G430: Link
XP Pen G540: Link
Gaomon S56K: Link

My question is - which I wrote in the name of the topic - which tablet should I choose for the requirements, what I mentioned before?

( I want serious comments, please :) )
This tablet is the one for you:

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pandaBee wrote:

This tablet is the one for you:

That's right! ;) ( btw, thanks, now I can edit the topic to avoid these amount of stupidness here, I thought, that I didn't have to, but.. yep ;( )
Personally, I'd choose the Gaomon S56K over the others.

Because I'm left handed, I have to place my hand on the tablet itself.
The Huion and the XP pen were too small.

As for performance, the XP pen for me had about 0.2 MS higher input lag for some reason, but that may just be my laptop.
Oh, and they use the same drivers so there's not much you're able to customize.
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