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NM is: CLOSED (0/3)
M4M is: OPEN
PM me on website or in-game about GD or Collab, the Genre rules still apply


  1. Maps must be at least five minutes
  2. Your map MUST be finished
  3. If you have multiple marathon maps, you may list as many as you want, I'll choose whichever one I prefer
  4. Preferably mod in V2
  5. My mods get fuzzy around 7*, i can't mod 7.5* and above, i'm still new to mapping and this gamemode entirely
  1. i will mod gmtn, goreshit, t+pazolite, renard and xi no questions asked
  2. i'll also mod loud or fast stuff like PITCH FUCKER or S.O.O.S.by $44000
  3. asian vocals are picky for me, i'll mod stuff like remote control or genryuu kaiko but not hitorigoto, etc
  4. i also like rock or metal: dragonforce, system of a down, ICDD, or any other
  5. high bpm is fun to mod, but i'll mod some slower stuff
  1. check to see if NM is open before request
  2. NM queue will reset shortly after I finish all 3 mods
  3. i'll mod maps up to 7 minutes
  4. i probably won't mod more than one diff unless i like the song
  5. after i mod your map, wait up to 2 weeks to request another, though you can request an M4M before.
  1. M4M can mod this map - https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/682599#taiko/1443526
  2. i'll mod your map first, but if you don't mod back within 2 weeks you will be blacklisted for 3 months
  3. i'll mod maps up to 20 minutes
  4. i'll probably mod more than one diff if you want me to
  5. after both mods have been made, wait a week until you request another

first come first served
also if i haven't modded your map within a week, feel free to remind me to do it i'm forgetful asf lol
have fun!!
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