What would be your reaction if your osu! game was deleted?

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Vuelo Eluko
i would probably reinstall it and copy paste the songs/skins folder from one of my older windows installations on the several hard drives i have lying about, i'd have lost a lot but not all of it.
play l4d2
i would reinstall everything
reinstall it after maybe several months lamenting over that finding what beatmaps I had is going to be such a pain.

basara toujo wrote:

probably like this
thats hype circumstances..

I will play old games.. even de game was released when I wasnt born
Always saves my steamgames and osu maps into a harddrive so it wont be a problem for me :3

Pachiru wrote:

It would honestly be a bit of a blunder and an annoyance, but with the fact that their is beatmap packs (and heck, even torrents), I would be fine.

Though reprocessing them would be a pain in the ass....
*restore from backup*
Gintoki Sama

hirikios wrote:

So recently, after I got out of doing my busy work, I finally had time to play some osu and relax. But when I open my desktop, the osu shortcut wasn't there. I, of course, proceeded to search in the start menu because I didn't believe it was deleted of some sort. But when I find a blank corrupt icon in the file 'osu!', I immediately went "ARTHUR'S FIST" and reinstalled the game, waiting hours of it. My load of downloaded maps were all deleted :/

If this happened to you, what would your reaction be? Has it ever happened to you?
If it happens to me...
I will have a big crisis :D
i don't have that many beatmaps in the first place, but my custom skin-mix would be gone forever and that skin is my baby
I first cry inside then realize that all the maps in my osu! were from beatmap packs so I'd stop bothering to cry and get to downloading osu! again.

Not going to give up on osu! as long as my tablet keeps working.
eh, i'll be fine. i'm just gonna download the client again
-Makishima S-
Songs folder saved on home NAS so i could just shrug and install it again.
Redownload the game, skins & beatmaps and cry in a corner until its done.. >-<
I'd probably be mad because there's like 30 unsubmitted creations laying on my collection
Thanks for freeing me from this wild ride.
[hi im ken]
Game folder or account?

If it's a game folder I'll just reinstall osu. I have a lot of unplayed beatmaps so I'll consider it as spring cleaning.

With an account though, that's a different story. I'll just sit in a fetal position somewhere and just cry myself to sleep.
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