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2017 Top 10 Malaysian osu!standard Players

Hello there! Again, I'll be hosting the Top 10 Malaysian voting for this year. Unfortunately due to low turnout last year for other modes, I decided to host only for osu!standard mode.
Subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgXl3t ... Qzp59HfdzQ to get updates on the release date of the osu!standard top 10 video.
Credits to Ex6TenZ for making the video this year.

How to vote
1. god player
2. amazing player
3. excellent player
4. very good player
5. gooood player
6. goood player
7. good player
8. notbad.jpg player
9. player
10. pla

1) You can only vote if your account was created before 1st of August, 2017.

2) You are NOT allowed to vote for yourself.

3) You are only allowed to vote for players with a Malaysian flag. ***unless they are widely known as Malaysian but has changed their flag for convenience.

4) Anyone with any country flag can vote.

5) It's encouraged but optional to write 1 or 2 lines to describe your reason to vote for a player, or provide the player's replay that you think are pretty impressive. (what are they good at, why did you vote for them?) It's perfectly OK to just list 10 names.

6) Please do not vote for anyone who hasn't played anything at all in 2017.

7) You do not have to vote for 10 players if you don't know enough good players. You need to put at least 3 names though to ensure fairness and balance.

8) Please vote based on scores and plays set in 2017. For example if a player was #1 in Malaysia in 2008 but has already quit the game in 2011, for goodness' sake do not vote for him. SCORES SET IN 2017. PERFORMANCE IN 2017.

9) To be fair, you can only vote for player with 6000pp or above, or your vote will be nullified.

10) A player should have at least 3000 play count to be able to vote.

11) Note that you can change your vote anytime you want, I will calculate the result after the deadline and any changes after that will be rejected.

12) All the rules are subject to change and I have the rights to finalize the score if really needed.

Helpful links if you're newer to this
1) https://osu.ppy.sh/p/pp?c=MY here you can find the Malaysian rankings, and you can filter by game mode: osu!

2) http://osustats.ppy.sh/ here you can find the individual players' top100 scores by clicking 'Advanced Options' and filter by game type: osu. (Note: as we all know in every single game mode there are many scores that are 'underrated' in PP and since you might not find them on the player's profile, you can search here instead!)

Results/Calculation method
I'll keep it short. #1 gets 10 points, #2 9 points and so on. Points are totalled up. Highest wins.


Voting Stage will conclude on 17 December 2017 11:59pm (UTC+8)


Feel free to post any questions you might have in the thread, me or other experienced/knowledgeable players will respond to them


Credits to TequilaWolf as I took almost everything from his thread.
Here is the result:

Full Result: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

Congratulation to all the players above!!!
1. wuhua First Malaysian who gets 10k pp
2. ClawViper My idol basically
3. Rampax DT lejen, my idol too
4. [ -Scarlet- ] Best senpai can't wait to kiss him during CF nohomo
5. Rumia- Another senpai of mine, I want to kiss him too nohomo
6. TequilaWolf
7. King Hong
8. Jeffrey
9. ffstar
10. arronlim13 (jk)
I give higher weight to players who I deem to be well-rounded in their skillset and therefore becoming strong tournament players in general. I also take into consideration players actually making plays throughout the whole year - for example, haruchi would have been in my list but unfortunately he only came back for the second half of the year. Same goes to Price, who was only active in the first few months of 2017.

1. wuhua - Undisputed king of Malaysia, best at every single aspect of the game except for raw accuracy and stamina - arguably one of the best HD players in the world, especially when it comes to AR9 dense maps and technical/cancer maps. OMT champion + one of the best performers for Malaysia in OWC.

2. Rampax - No question for the #2 spot for me - it does feel a bit bad that he never seemed to be able to achieve that #1 haha. Insane passes, insane HDHR and HDDT scores, even picked up AR8 + HD for Malaysia in the OWC and played decently on it. Every year he takes yet another step towards being more and more all-rounded, and I would argue that he is the most all-rounded player in Malaysia at this very moment. Finished 5th in OMST.

3. ffstar - One of the best mouse-only players in the world. Like wuhua, checked raw input in options and became a god. Probably the second most consistent player only behind wuhua. Amazing at low AR, amazing at Hidden, strong in every other main aspect of gameplay except for one. 3rd place in OMT.

4. ShaneLiang - Super fast improver, very good aim. Finished 4th in his first OMT, only losing to the eventual 2nd place of the tournament. Can play everything pretty decently with the exception of a more niche skill.

5. Ex6TenZ - Another all-rounder and a tournament player. Can play everything well, with only 2 real weaknesses I can think of which very few people can play well anyway. Instrumental to our win against Austria by coming in for DT and hard carried those maps. 100% DT FC rate in the OWC, 5th place in OMT, 7th place in OMST.

6. - Vyx - - Another quick improver who is alot more all-rounded and consistent compared to what most would see. Given another group in OMT I'm sure he would go alot further. Has a lot of potential especially if he focuses on being more consistent with his accuracy.

7. Rumia- - Superb aim player, No Title Lemur FC speaks for itself. Excellent NoMod and HR player, only held back by accuracy. Alot more all-rounded in tournament play than most people think. Could definitely have finished higher in OMT given the right draw.

8. TequilaWolf - Only reason why he's not higher is due to inactivity. Best stamina in Malaysia, Everything Will Freeze Extra Ekoro version FC. Joins wuhua and ffstar in being the holy trinity of low AR HD players in Malaysia. 2nd in OMT with only one major weakness I can think of, and he can still wallop many other players with it. Core player in OWC because of his versatility.

9. Desumond - Skewed towards HD at the moment, but he's really good at it. He improves fast so we might be in for another very scary player if he actually decides to step out of his comfort zone and train other aspects of the game.

10. King Hong - Simply ridiculous accuracy and finger control at lower BPMs, one of the closest we have got to the legend sprItzEr/zisamEr in that regard. Even if he might not have a huge combo he consistently impresses with his accuracy in Score V2. Can play low AR quite well.
1. wuhua
2. Rampax
3. ClawViper
4. ffstar
5. Ex6TenZ
6. ShaneLiang
7. TequilaWolf
8. King Hong
9. Rumia-
10. Desumond

Honorable mentions:
- Vyx -
Mak Kau Hijau
0. Scarlet
Keeping the tradition

1. wuhua
He fced my Hallelujah with HDHR

2. Rampax
He fced my Hallelujah with HDHR too

3. ClawViper
He fced my Hallelujah with HDHR too too

4. ffstar
This guy fced my After the Rain, still salty about it

5. Ex6tenZ
At least he used one of my map in 2015 OMT mappool

6. Amane-
Still can't fc haelequin

7. Rumia-
Still haven't rank teh tarik

8. zisamEr
How the fk did he HD SS crescent moon

9. TequilaWolf
Same as above but worse accuracy and without HD

10. King Hong
Still haven't hitsounded the map that he requested
Disclaimer: Players who shown that they can perform and play well in tournaments, as well as being more all-rounded, will be higher rated than others as I believe tournament plays is where they are truly tested in how they perform under nerves, how well-rounded they are, or maybe just how dominant they can be in one aspect.

Also, when I say weakness, doesn't mean they are bad at it, it's just that that particular 'weakness' IMO is not as up to par as their other skills or their strong suits.

1. wuhua
• superb aim, reading, finger control
• can play speed maps pretty well too
• played darn well despite his first OWC appearance (Dance Number sensation)
• cute (search up his mouse, it’s so damn cute) but deadly mouse skill
• first Malaysian to reach 10k pp, and don't think he's stopping any time soon
• notably from OMT17, HR could probably use a little more work but it’s negligible IMO due to his other skills (his HDHR is pretty good though)

2. Rampax
• becoming more and more of a jack of all trades, though speed is the most notable skill of his
• crazy passes
• returning player for OWC, did pretty well to help the team with some of the map wins (especially taking akane-yuki’s attention away from the rest of the team during the ez win vs Austria Kappa)
• sadly didn’t play in OMT but did pretty well in last year’s OMST against the other Singaporean giants

3. ffstar
• amazing reading and consistency
• that precise and deadly right-hand/fingers of his with that mouse-only play style, enough to make all them fangirls wet on bed (who am I kidding where got girls here in this sausage fest AM I RIGHT ????)
• speed is a bit of a downfall for him but otherwise its guicy

4. Ex6TenZ
• also another pretty all-rounded player, great consistency, finger control & speed
• mouse player
• played great in OWC for Malaysia
• reading lower AR maps is probably one of his more notable weakness though

5. TequilaWolf
• despite the inactivity, still shows that he got what it takes to play at a high level
• placed second in OMT behind wuhua
• pretty well-rounded skillset, especially his unreal stamina & speed (220bpm toromi hearts deathstream warmup and still came out at the other side of the heart unscathed while almost all other players didn’t even bother pumping blood into toromi’s heart)[/color]
• kinda prone to tilt from what I’ve seen but otherwise a good player

6. ShaneLiang
• new up and coming player
• very good speed
• pretty good at more technical maps that is not lower AR
• more reading heavy maps tends to give him some trouble, such as HD maps, lower AR maps and such
• unfortunately didn’t get to play in OWC, was looking forward to how he’s gonna play ;x

7. ClawViper
• one of the 老将 (veteran) of osu!malaysia, despite inactivity for some time of the year, still performed pretty well and lead Malaysia in OWC
• very all-rounded player

8. Desumond
• another fast improving up and coming
• extremely good at HD
• very good consistency, especially on HD and I guess NM to an extent
• a bit lacking in variety when it comes to other skills

9. Rumia-
• another old veteran who’s been around for a long time, more known for his great aim and HR skills
• climbing up the ranks quite a bit as of late with them nice HR plays
• a lot more all-rounded than a lot of people think but not as good as his HR, yet

10. King Hong
• very consistent and high accuracy player
• great finger control on more technical maps
• pretty good at readings
1. wuhua
Crazy aim, crazy good hd player, first malaysian player to achieve 10kpp, also the first malaysian to get a 500pp score, very all-rounded too
2. Rampax
Zoom zoom guy, very all-rounded and wtf is that yomi yori fc
3. ffstar
Hd god, one of the best mouse-only players ever, destroys technical maps
4. ClawViper
Hdhr, aim and old-style mapping god, destroyed everyone on my cancer kn33soxx map kappa
5. Ex6TenZ
One of the most all-rounded and consistent players I've ever seen
6. TequilaWolf
Hasn't been very active this year but still performed amazingly in OMT, can stream high bpm very well and is also very good at low AR
7. ShaneLiang
Really good at high AR and played very consistently in OMT
8. Rumia-
I am his #1 fan, also has godlike aim and hr skills, no title hr fc wtf
9. King Hong
Hd and low bpm god, one of the best accuracy players in MY right now
10. Desumond
Hd and aim god, has godlike consistency and improves very quickly

Honorable mention to PurpleSatanWeed for doing crazy reading stuff like EZFC oddloop and EZHDFL FC 1985, possibly the best reading player in MY
6.King Hong
factor: tournament performance/overall performance throughout 2017

1. wuhua - fastest improving player and beats out the rest of malaysian in short period, basically god at everything
2. Rampax - i didnt realised since when i become his fanboy <3
3. ClawViper - its hard to describe what aim god can do
4. ffstar - how2play
5. TequilaWolf - :no_mouth:
6. Ex6tenZ - a tournament beast, been my rival since omt 2014
7. ShaneLiang - 2nd fastest improving player in 2017 besides wuhua , plays very well in dt and consistent nomods
8. Vyx - despite calling himself a farmer , he can consistently hold combo on super long maps like save me /pokemon medley/through fire and flames, which imo not many people can do , big improvements througout the year , if he can actually control nervous in tourney would probably be a strong player
9. Desumond - another fast improving player who invest in HD , can fc some really hard maps with HD
10 - King Hong insane HD and one of the most accurate player in malaysia, would score higher if he can polish his aim more

honorable mentions :
Price - one of the god streamer even with hr
Haruchi - upcoming rising player
Bck - ON - his aim recently gone mad
Mak Kau Hijau - underrated dt player
Jeffrey - wish he spent more time on grinding HR skills , acc improved a lot throughout the year
CantBeTaymed - another sick aim player but pretty inconsistent performance throughout the year :(
nothing special


Omg First 10kpp in 2017 also madman aim player


3. ffstar

the mouse only player & very good tournament player
and also....
OMT REVENGE(im just kidding lol) good pleyer ffstar

4. Rumia-

A True loli Hentai (aim) player he fced Reol - No title [jieusieu's Lemur] with HR LOL :o

5. Ex6TenZ

a lejen HR player...................................................................................................good for tournament
er........im done lel

6. TequilaWolf

7. Tzemetal

HOW THE FK DID'D YOU 1K CB DAT AVTechNO!xTreow - DYE/Re:flection+ [RGB]

8. Mak Kau Hijau

Crazy DT player (also a famer)

9. Desumond

nothing wanna say but congratz got 400pp in this year

10. [ -Scarlet- ]

i like your maps LOL

i am just a retard talking shit
1.wuhua = god of osu malaysia
2.Rampax = future cookiezi
3.Rumia- = best hr player
4.TequilaWolf = best streamer
5.ffstar = how?
6.ShaneLiang = best alternate n DT player
7.ClawViper = consistency player
8.Haruchi = future rampax
9.King Hong = best HD player
10.- Vyx - = long map op
11.Bck-ON = joke
1. Rampax - crazy aim and speed
2. ClawViper - aim and insane accuracy on HR
3. TequilaWolf - left hand
4. ffstar - right hand
5. Price - dat singletap and stream D:
6. Rumia- - carzy aim -w-
7. Ex6TenZ - good All-rounder player
8. ShaneLiang - aim and speed
9. King Hong - dat acc on HD
10. - Vyx - - pla
1. wuhua
2. Rampax
3. ClawViper
4. TequilaWolf
5. ffstar
6. Rumia-
7. Ex6TenZ

i restructure the vote, idk the rest actually.. :o
1. Wuhua - A true champ. Has plenty of top 50 material. No doubt the best player in Malaysia
2. Rampax - Can farm on demand :^). One of a few previous legends that are still active.
3. ffstar - Our star shines again as he obtains 3rd place in OMT. Crazy HD tech player. Great all-rounder.
4. ShaneLiang - Getting into OWC team is no easy task. Clearly a better player out of all the newcomer.
5. Rumia- Still a HardRock legend. Always respect a HardRock legend.
6. Desumond - Much improvement this year. HD pro.
7. TequilaWolf - 2nd place for OMT. Comeback for OWC. Feels like this guy has more potential than what he's shown.
8. King Hong - Malaysia continue its trend with more HD player!!1!111!
9. zisamEr - All he needs to do is to stay active to be on my ranking :^) Crazy HD skill. Underrated IMO.
10. - Vyx - - Pretty consistent up and coming player.

Maybe Next Time

ClawViper - Still hang around. OWC Captain.
Haruchi - Late comeback but definitely worthy of a top player.

Vote based on their overall skills and how much points i want to give them (if i vote them high, doesnt mean they're better than the player below them k)
1. wuhua
2. Rampax
3. ffstar - 6 years of activity and mouse-only
4. Ex6TenZ - I can't fly through the sky~ But I have the wings of my dream~
5. TequilaWolf - mariana trench
6. Rumia- - cute girls and loli hentai resources supplier :)
7. ClawViper - 29/3/2017 - Retired
8. Desumond - 30-day rank growth spurt
9. ShaneLiang
10. zisamEr - 7 years and counting

maybe next time:
King Hong - HD beast
- Vyx - - active
Price - sameperson123
Haruchi - glad to have you back :)
here i come

1) wuhua

What more can I say, after years of xsrsbsns' reign over the throne and finally stepping down, it was a battle between ClawViper and Rampax for that seat, and wuhua appeared and took the throne all to himself, probably for quite some time to come. Champion of OMT 2017 especially with Scarlet's mappool, insane plays, consistency in tournaments, ability to play everything, he is the undisputed legend of Malaysia.

2) Rampax

He has always remained in the top 3 for quite some time, despite all the new challengers coming in. Already skillful in high AR and high BPM DT plays, he now adds to his repertoire the ability to play HD proficiently and even picking up AR8 HD, making him a truly all-rounded player. Not to mention his contributions in OWC as one of the core players, together with his crazy plays, Rampax deserves the number 2 spot behind wuhua.

3) ffstar

I have always looked up to ffstar and respected his abilities to play many different kinds of maps, from weird technical maps to AR8 HD. But this year, as if playing with mouse only isn't amazing enough, he climbed up the rankings quickly and even emerged as 3rd place in OMT, and being able to play almost every mod including HR.

4) ClawViper

wher supp? xd
Jokes aside, ClawViper is one of the most consistent and versatile players I've met, and with his raw aim and his unlocked streaming skills, he has become an unstoppable force and has even managed to claim the throne for a period of time. Together with being the captain of OWC and many other tournaments, he has earned great respect from most of the Malaysian community.

5) TequilaWolf

toromi hearts pls
Being the champion for OMT 2015, he came back once again to challenge OMT 2017, with a brand new, diverse mappool and emerged as 2nd place. With his past crazy plays, he remains as one of the most versatile players, being able to play all mods and his stamina to maintain long streams at insanely high BPM like toromi hearts. Not to mention his consistency to play long ass marathon maps and his accuracy even on v2, it still impresses me till this day (srsly wtf 97% on subconsciousness)

6) Ex6TenZ

Played a few tournaments with him before, and he really shows the spirit to train the ability to play consistently in tournaments. Never forgetting his DT FCs in OWC that were crucial to Malaysia's victory over Austria, he also prides himself as an all-rounded tournament player, being able to play a wide range of mods. And with his recent scores, he has showcased his abilities to play high BPM maps at high AR, and has much more potential to reach higher.

7) ShaneLiang

A new player on the board this year, he has performed well for OMT, emerging as one of the top contenders. His ability to play HD is pretty formidable, and his ability to alternate proficiently allowed him to play many high BPM maps, and not forgetting his play on Nisemono Chuuihou.

8) zisamEr

Once a legend always a legend. Known for his amazing accuracy and finger control, he has set many impressive scores throughout the year. Despite being limited by his ability to play high AR and high BPM, his abilities to play low AR, low BPM and old style maps is practically unrivaled.

9) Rumia-

senpai uwu
When he goes crazy, he goes crazy. With his recent slew of HR scores, he has always been one of the best HR players of Malaysia for many years, and he further strengthened his ability to do so with his recent plays. I mean, No title HR FC is just wtf. But other than that, he has also displayed versatility in playing other mods throughout the year, even with a period of setting several HD scores and at another time being one of the NM legends. I respect him greatly as a player and as a mapper, and I look up to him as a fellow HR player.

10) King Hong

He gained his fame some time last year or start of this year, with his ability to play with insanely high accuracy with HD and his finger control skills. Being able to play low BPM maps efficiently, he is seemingly the descendant of one of our legends zisamEr. He has much potential to go further in the future, if he keeps up his consistency and tries to play more different mods.
1.Wuhua -Godlike speed and accuracy

2.Rampax -ever seen malaysia sonic?

3.Desumond - adapt,improvise,overcome
1. Rampax
2. ClawViper
3. wuhua
4. - Vyx -
5. TequilaWolf
6. ffstar
7. ShaneLiang
8. King Hong
9. Ex6TenZ
10. Amane-

- Wish you guys luck on getting top 10! ;)
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