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I just joined osu last night, actually didn't know what osu was until A friend told me, LOL.

Just thought Id say Hello to the community while Im downloading

hello and welcome ^_^
Heyyyy, what’s up?
We’re a chill community unless you break one of our rules
Don’t forget to add Lyawi as a friend if you need to! (Or anyone for that matter lmao)
Have a good time!
Hi! Welcome to the forums and osu! in general. Typically the community is nice and friendly however you do happen to get those bad apples in the bunch, but pay no mind to them.

Feel free to add me if you happen to have any questions! I always like helping people and making new friends.

DJ Enetro wrote:

We’re a chill community
suure XD
ot: hello there, i'm keremal. if you need any help in-game, there is a forum just for that. the #1 reccomendation i would give to someone new is to start slow, don't start on any of the super hard maps, and always remember that this game is all about experience. so don't feel that you are bad just because you can't pass a normal map. also, have fun with the game!
Welcome and enjoy game
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