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I've been doing a lot of streaming practices lately with this beatmap
Various Artist - Long Stream Practice Maps
But it seems that i have to tense my arm up in order to catch up to 140bpm+ long streams
Is this supposed to happen or am i supposed to not tense my arm up at all?
I barely lift my finger from my kb buttons while streaming
Thanks in advance for the help/tips c:
(p.s. been doing all dr. levi's exercises also c:)
You're just not used to it... Streaming takes time to learn, just dont push too hard and overstrain your muscles
well I think its supposed to happen as it also happened while i was going for my 329pp play, which is end time ezdt fc (270bpm)
when i was streaming slower bpms (220) these wont happen
its a matter of speed and stamina I think, youll imporve and those will happen less and less as you get better
E m i
well the biggest problem is not really that you tense up at all but that you tense up to varying degrees

i try to tense up in a stable way, to a slight-moderate degree, and keep it that way during a stream. best result. i mean it could also be a bit better if you tensed up to a minimal degree or were able to relax your hand completely, but that's harder i think
Fingers relaxed to don't fuck your muscles and have more stamina speed and control. Just work on fingers coordination and do the right movement and focus on reading and timming.
If you do only 1 play to each map your acc and combo will increase more than pick 1 of them and play it 200 times in a row. Don't replay them thay day or retry more than 1 each 6 hours.
There are a lot stream maps.
Without never play you should reach around 150bpm for a little bit. If after 4kk hits you having problem to reach way higher bpm 1 Or you have strong muscle memory at low bpm and you're getting around 99% acc at all the stream maps under 150 bpm or 2 you're doing something wrong, like use wrist to stream or you have muscle issues/bad coordination muscle memory builded due to spam doubletap or some random shit.
Or also you skipped all the maps what had streams until now.
To sum up what's above me:

[*]Try to stay relaxed. When you tense too much, your muscles stiffen and streams become impossible
[*]Always alternate every press and don't skip a keypress. Desyncing from the stream makes it near impossible to re-enter
[*]I know this seems self-explanatory, but read where the stream is going and the speed in which it's travelling. Streaming is a 2-component mechanic, not just tapping wildly

Faye wrote:

To sum up what's above me:
[*]Always alternate every press and don't skip a keypress. Desyncing from the stream makes it near impossible to re-enter
That's not what i tryied to say. Coordination it's not only about skip a keypress, it's about keep the exactly same movement while the stream bpm dosn't change.

When deyncing or miss aim or fingerlock you can back at the stream almost instanly by focusing on what make you miss. For example playing a deathstream, you miss aim a spot but if you focus on keep fingers movement muscle memory should make you back at stream without problem without get tons of misses. Same when you overstream or understream. Taking a look at your cursor and the distance from the circles you can know at what circle you're and back at the stream without get misses.

You have a lot of ms space to pass from a x300 to x50 so you should be able to back at right bpm and timming when you start hitting x100. Other wise hit a x100 on X circle of the stream it's going to mean even reading perfectly and playing the bpm perfectly, and aiming perfectly you're going to hit x100 everysingle circle until the stream finish (If you're not sniping the stream). So be able to change the bpm and aim while streaming to where you want it's something what you should practice. Also helps to do small changes while streaming to get the more closer possible to +-0ms
Vuelo Eluko
Normal behavior, don't worry about it.
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