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Welcome to the third edition of the well renowned AxS osu!Catch tournament! As the competitive osu!Catch scene has grown significantly in this past year we expect this tournament to be an absolute banger. Stakes are high as the best of the best players will battle for the glory of becoming the champion in the biggest osu!Catch community tournament around.

The full name of AxS is “Accuracy x Score”. The matches will be a 3 versus 3 and the teams will have a maximum of 6 players.
The tournament is not nationality based, so anybody can join your team as long as they agree to it. While we allow people from every country in your team, try to get people around the same time zone to avoid scheduling issues.

This tournament is different from your mainstream tournament. Here, accuracy has a huge impact on the final score. Your team will be divided in 2 groups.
Two of the three playing members will serve as the "score" and the other player will serve as the "accuracy". Further information can be found under the heading "Roles, Score Calculations and Winning conditions".

General rules
  1. The score used in this tournament will be ScoreV2.
  2. Teams will be matched up through seeding in the group stage. The group stage will consist of team pools of 4.
  3. If the team is 10 minutes late for their match, they will be disqualified for that match and lose by default.
  4. If your team does not contain enough players to play the match (3 players), the opposing team will advance to the next round.
  5. Please refrain from using offensive words in your team name as this can lead to a disqualification. The names will be checked by our various staff members, so using a lesser known language won’t work.
  6. Commentators aren't allowed to bad-mouth players in any given scenario, if they do, then please report this.
  7. Rescheduling a match is allowed until 4 days after the schedule has been released. Matches will NOT be rescheduled after this date, unless it is an absolute emergency-case scenario
  8. If a player in your team decides to name-change after signing up to the tournament or mid tournament, notify Wesley about this change or that player will not be able to partake in the next match

In-game rules
  1. The accuracy player of the teams have to sit in the First or Fourth slot of the multiplayer room depending on what team you are. This spot will be for the accuracy player, when the map has started the accuracy player is locked in and cannot be changed even if the map is retried for any reason.
  2. You are allowed to switch players in between maps.
  3. If the accuracy player disconnects from the game, their accuracy will be changed to a static value of 85%.
  4. If a score player disconnects from the game, their score will still be accounted for in the final calculation; no changes will be made to their score.
  5. You cannot nullify a beatmap under any circumstance.
  6. Only in the first 20 seconds of a map can the map be retried if anything hindering happens such as a disconnect. This is only allowed once per match for either team.
  7. If the whole team dies in a match, the opposing team will win by default
  8. You are allowed to ban 2 maps per match per team, meaning a total of 4 bans per match.
  9. As for rolls, the team that won the roll will ban second and pick second, meaning that the team that lost the roll will both ban and pick first. Banning order is via alternation: Roll-loser > Roll-winner > Roll-loser > Roll-winner.
  10. Always remember that this is just a game (I.e behave yourself)
  11. If neither team has enough players to conduct the match a roll will be done to determine the match’s winner

Mod rules
  1. There are 6 NoMod, 4 Hidden, 4 HardRock, 4 DoubleTime, 4 Free Mod and 1 Tiebreaker map
  2. The Tiebreaker will be played with NoMod.
  3. When picking either DoubleTime or HardRock maps, you are allowed to pick Hidden alongside
  4. When picking a Free Mod map, you are allowed to pick Hidden, HardRock, Hidden + HardRock. At least 2 players have to use a mod, the last person does not HAVE to use a mod but can still use it if they want.
  5. With free Mod maps players are not allowed to use the following mods: Easy, Flashlight, Sudden Death, other difficulty reducing or unranked mods.
  6. You are not allowed to pick a map from the same mod pool twice in a row.

Date when the registration will be closed: 01-05-2018 (mm-dd-yyyy).

In order to register you have to send a PM to Wesley (Click me). Signing up through the forum post will be ignored.
Your team will consist of at least 3 players, the last 3 player are optional although highly recommended.

A total of 32 teams is allowed to participate, anyone can register but once we go over 32 teams only the teams with the highest average pp will be able to partake in the tournament.

You are allowed to change team members until the registration closing date.

Format for the pm:
Subject: AxS Tournament Registration
Team name
1. (Team Captain name) (Timezone in UTC)
2. (Player 2 Name) (Timezone in UTC)
3. (Player 3 Name) (Timezone in UTC)
4. (Player 4 name) (Timezone in UTC)
5. (Player 5 name) (Timezone in UTC)
6. (Player 6 name) (Timezone in UTC)
Note: You need to fill in at least 3 players in order to register a team. You can freely change your team members until the registrations have been closed.
If you want to change anything, make sure to send a new message to Wesley

After you registered your team, feel free to join our Discord server. Any information regarding the tournament will be posted in there.

All dates are in (mm/dd/yyyy) format.

Closing date for the registration phase: 01-05-2018
Live Drawings and group stage Mappool showcase: 01-07-2018
Group stage: 01-13-2018 & 01-14-2018

Your team consists of 2 roles, these can be changed per map. Those roles are “Accuracy player” and “Score player”. Each team will have ONE Accuracy player and TWO Score players.
The accuracy player primarily has to focus on their accuracy, to ensure that the score from the score players won’t drop. This obviously means that the score players primarily will have to focus on their score. In previous years of AxS we used this formula to decide on the final score of teams:

score player 1’s score + score player 2’s score = total score
total score * (0.accuracy of accuracy player ^ modifier) = final score

We decided to change this rule so that 20% of the score players’ score will be taken into account for final calculation, as well as 20% of the accuracy’s player score, said simply. This is how the new calculation looks:

Formula final score of player 1:
(Score of player 1 * 0.2)

Formula score of player 2:
(Score of player 2 * (((100 - ((100 - Accuracy of player 2) / 5)) / 100) ^ modifier))

Formula score of player 3:
(Score of player 3 * (((100 - ((100 - Accuracy of player 3) / 5)) / 100) ^ modifier))

Formula final score:
((Final score of player 1) + (Final score of player 2) + (Final score of player 3)) * ((Accuracy of player 1 / 100) ^ modifier)

Modifier: 10

Player 1 (Accuracy player):
Score: 950000
Accuracy: 99

Player 2 (Score player):
Score: 900000
Accuracy: 99.5

Player 3 (Score player):
Score: 1000000
Accuracy: 100

((950000 * 0.2) + (900000 * (((100 - ((100 - 99.5) / 5)) / 100) ^ 10)) + (1000000 * (((100 - ((100 - 100) / 5)) / 100) ^ 10))) * ((99 / 100) ^ 10) = 1882055.62806

More on prizes will be coming soon.

We are still looking for staff reinforcements (especially referees), if you are interested send a pm to Sartan on osu! (click me) or on Discord: Sartan#3815

Art: Lyaneii-
Tournament host: Wesley, Sartan, Dohland
Mapselector: He Ang Erika, JBHyperion, Deif, Setomi
Referee: Wesley, Future_miku95, mikudesu, Benny-, Terton, Yazzehh, -Boltic-, Kasumii-sama, BlueSparklez
Commentator: Sartan, Dohland, Zak, JBHyperion, Nelly, Setomi, Ken Doll
Streamer: Sartan, lineqtxz

CustomAllOsu is an osu! networking group currently working on a website for tournaments, doing podcasts, creating dans and all sorts of other fun in-game things. This tournament is also hosted by the CAO group.

Interested in joining CAO? Wondering what the latest developments are? Check us out in the links above.
aayyyy nice
Bring the madness
go right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Sartan stream when

team South Korea
lo 3rd edition

Lit now all I need is a team
Well as always I'll be a freelance player, pick me up if you need someone.
im looking for a team :D
Looking for team.

A Moon Gust wrote:

Looking for team.
want to join me and flame
Looking for a team, though preferably with players between (or in) the timezones UTC+7 and UTC-9
Looking for a team as well! English is no problem.
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