spboxer3's M4M queue (2/1) closed [need Taiko mod]

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only 1 M4M slot

  1. mod my shit first or let me know when will you mod it. (in 2days limit)
  2. No bubbled map.
  3. 5diff or less.
  4. std is ok but I may not to mod full diff spread.
  5. cuz I'm fuking lazy guys, so TV size or some short song only (2:00 mins↓).
  6. I will skip the overmap diff.
  7. I can use Chinese or English to mod, let me know which one do you want.

that's all
I think no one want to m4m to me cuz this suck rules _(:3」ㄥ)_

uhh... you ask where's my map want to mod? see↓
Hey! I can do a m4m if you want! (sorry it's standard)


PM Me if you're interested! Thank you!!
Nao Tomori

i will mod within the weekend if you accept for these taiko diffs, if you are lazy then just mod the oni; forum pm me if you accept. i am not a taiko nominator.
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close, thanks veridian and Naotoshi, I will try to mod you both map thought I said (0/1) XD.
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