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Hae i tried really hard to get this so can someone explain why my score is lower than the number 50 spot on the leader board even though i have 1 less 100 beat and 1 more 300 beat than them really confused please help thanks :)

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20171106.5 (latest)
I'm pretty sure if you click the sliderhead too early you get less score.. Could be wrong though.

And if you get the 100s near the end of the map, it'll impact your score heavily.
The number 50 spot probably got his 100s early, so it didn't affect his score that much.
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how is getting a 100 at the start different than the end both are multiplied by the combo regardless?
If you get a 100 or 50 at the beginning of a map it is multiplied by a smaller combo multiplier so the impact is not as great.
Sandy Hoey
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ohhh thank you person with a brain^(sandy) on the spinner he got 3000 bonus i only got 2000 and looked at the replays he hit his first 100 before i did so i duno also cant find anything in the scoring algorithm that says other whys
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