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sorry if this doesn't belong here. I'm not sure where to ask

for the "Play Time" statistic on the old profile page:
  1. is it based on drain or total time? I read a comment from peppy a while back that said it counts each second that you're playing the map. does this include breaks and/or intros/outros?
  2. do ht and dt affect the play time for a map?
  3. does the stat update instantly (upon score submission), or is it a lazy calculation that can take time to change?

I'm a little confused on how it works, because earlier today I submitted 5 near-complete plays of The Deceit / The Violation +HT, along with some less complete plays, and my play time didn't change a single hour. The map is almost 14 minutes long with HT, so I would've expected to get at least an hour added
bump, I guess. never found any details on this and it's currently not possible to view the decimals of this stat
From what I know, it's based on the time you use to play beatmaps (even if u quit mid-through the map). It starts counting when you play a map.
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