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I'm about to break the into the 49k rank and I noticed something odd going on lately. When I'm playing a song, I noticed how I was getting a good amount of 100's and sometimes missing notes even though my tapping is in-time with the song's beat. I decided to look at my replay and focus on the latency bar and noticed how it was pulling to the right with every note. I change my offset to around +10ms and play the same song, but same result. It still pulls to the right.

I can't really figure out what's going on anymore. I tried changing up different audio ports, changing headsets to earbuds (changing audio drivers), and tried a different keyboard but nothing worked yet. Anyone know what's up? Could this be just a "slump"/temporary thing happening to me?
It's possible you are just late, however, check to make sure you don't have any audio enhancements or surround sound enabled.
I could also be UO (Universal offset) make sure you check this in your setting and set it to the value that you desire, because you could have accidentally changed through a hotkey misspress.
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