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I am using arch linux 64bit running osu! in wine 32 bit. But the scores refuse to submit, I have had 2 cases in which the scores did submit but it is rare and inconsistent. There has been an error message stating scores are not submitting for xxxx time. Im assuming this has something to do with the osu! anticheat, it may also be a firewall issue but I havent got any websites blocked that osu! uses (That I know of). When I used windows I didn't have this issue at all. This has been occuring with no programs running in the background. I use no script on my default browser and I am unsure if osu uses it at all to submit scores I assume not but if it did it probably wouldn't work. Thanks in advance for any help!
If it has only happened twice than it is probably just a connection error that happened to occur at those times. If the scores do not submit within an hour or you close the client, than osu! will stop attempting to submit those scores
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