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I am Yassine 20y old, I live in tunisia, precisely in a city called 'Marsa' and i study in Qatar, I am generally a happy guy and I am a sociable guy which knows how to act with every single person and that's what you need in this life to be honest to success, I have an after school work, which it is a manager assistant in a big shop, usually I spend all my time there because I have a lot of work to be done, anyways I like spending my time with playing games watch anime and reaming manga or chilling arround with my friends, in school time I usually be active because I do not have a lot of themes to read about since I am in a private school, In the end I am just a nice and kind guy which like to have fun all the time, but knows when to be serious, I am not such of a retard or a cunt
Music: Music has been a part of my life for even longer than Gaming has. My first song which i listened to it was Bob marley's songs, i really gets surprised and in that time i really respected the music because i really gets surprised when i listened to bob marley. In 2011, i started listening to Eminem and 50 cent, because i really love the american songs because they are not like the others songs, they got a hip hop style same as the gangsta style in there video clips, so this would really let the person which is watching surprised and more addicted to music. In 2013, a new rappeur has been born in tunisia with his good lyrics and music, almost all of his lyrics was against the cops, he hates the cops a lot and i really love this style because its really an awesome style, and till now i am listening to music because i cannot stop listening to it, it felt me relaxed once i gets nervous or stressed.
Sport: As with sports, sport has always been a favourable hobby for me and I've always been considered "better than average" at the majority of sports. In 2010, i was just practicing sport as a hobbie, i always gets up early in the morning to make a tour around the streets, then in the evening i gets my bike and i make another tour around the streets because the bike got a lot of good things for the legs. In 2011, my real life friend advises me to start going to the GYM because my body is good enough to be in the gym, so i started going with him, but honestly i love the nature body.
Learning: Now, I know what you may be thinking: He likes learning? Must be a nerd. Not at all. I really don't like learning because of a lot of reasons and one of them is that learning gets me bored and annoyed as fuck, i really don't like learning at all, because it let me get nervous and stressed a lot especially in the exams duration, and when they are coming soon, i have to revise for them morning and night and that gets me fucking ANNOYED.
if you like to know more about me feel free to ask me anything you need
cheers (▰˘◡˘▰)
for a minute i thought you were a girl xD

anyways hi, welcome to the death circle forums, i got here about 2 weeks ago myself, in-game tip for any gamemode is to start out slow, it's a process, yada yada, have fun
Welcome to the forums!
Oh lol owo

Anyway welcome to the community enjoy :3

keremal wrote:

for a minute i thought you were a girl xD
you missed it haha...

thought you meant "gangnam style" tbh so I guess i'm in the same hole as he is.

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