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It's been a month since I've had stable gameplay on osu. Ever since the creators update on Win10, I've had issues where my mouse will just stop moving or moving very slowly mid-maps, leading me to breaks and whatever frustrating else. Furthermore, I randomly get frame drops for half a second which are just enough to ruin a game.

I'm running Windows 10.0.15063 (As seen in command prompt) on an i7-7700HQ and a Gtx 1050, so I really don't think my hardware is an issue. I thought it was windows so I reinstalled it, from zero, but that didn't help. I'm playing fullscreen (no letterboxing) @1920x1080 native, raw input, and framerate limited to 240 fps. I don't bother forcing osu! to run on the GPU as I'm under the impression the game is much more CPU-bound than anything. I'm playing keyboard+mouse, so tablet-related bugs are out of question.

I'm not sure what to do. I doubt it's because I have software like visual studio open almost constantly, as my CPU should be beefy enough I imagine.

I also get weird issues when I tab from osu to discord, where rendering on Discord completely freezes until I type something in the active channel - And when I do, it takes a good ten seconds for the display to refresh. Doubt it's related to osu though, as I've seen it happen with WoW as well. Drivers are up-to-date as far as I am aware. (I had the same issue happen exceedingly often in firefox/chrome until i disabled hardware acceleration for each - can't do that for discord, though)

osu! version: 20171106.5 (latest)
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