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To start things off, Windows 10 has a built in recording functionality and it works with many programs, including osu!. I have used this feature across other titles on PC as well to share my clips with friends on Xbox Live. However, Osu! game clips do not upload to Microsoft's Game DVR cloud and are merely savable, disabling the ability for me to share clips I record through xbox services with my friends (e.g through the messaging system).

I talked with microsoft support to confirm that this was not an issue on their end, as other PC-exclusive games like starbound are upload-able to my account's game clip storage. After a few days, they concluded that Osu! has an in-game restriction on the xbox app's access to it. While Game Dvr works in terms of its recording functionality, clips from Osu! cannot be uploaded to xbox live. Consistent with this idea, Osu! does not register as a game on the xbox app either, instead appearing as a blank name. When playing games like Heroes of the Storm, Starbound, and so on, my account will showcase that I am playing them, despite not being on an xbox console while playing them.

I would like an answer as to whether these restrictions on clip uploads were intentional or not, and if the developers could update Osu! to accommodate clip uploads on XBL. Osu!'s lack of recognition on xbox services also seems very strange to me. Considering that clips are restricted from upload, appearing with an error message when doing so, I would say that both of these issues correlate with an in-game restriction on Osu!'s end. Any insight is much appreciated.
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