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I have no idea why this happens, but the squares next to the delay, grows as soon as I open / tab in osu.
It's not wow gosh unplayable, but quite annoying. I don't even know what the squares mean.

Tried every setting, and it's not a FPS issue.

AMD A10-7860k 3.60ghz
Gigabyte 1050TI 4GB
8GB Ram 2333hz

osu! version: 20171106.5 (latest)
Those indicate unstable frames, normally a sudden spike in decreased performance, normally caused by outside interference.

Make sure you have no background programs or processes taking up resources (even small amounts or spikes can cause issues)

Things like Anti-virus are known to cause random blips in performance as well, if closing all other background programs doesn't do anything, temporarily disable your AV (at your own risk) and see if the issue persists. You can also look at Task manager / perfmon to see what is using what.
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