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Problem Details:
Pls help for some reason my playes are not scored for almost 80days i finish a sont and its not uploading it says 10 or 20 min but it never upload can someone help me to solve it

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

http://prntscr.com/h8wzyt https://prnt.sc/gw8il1

osu! version: 20171106.5 (latest)
Unless a score is in the top 1000 of a map's leaderboard, it will not show up at the top of your profile. In order to see all submitted scores, regardless of leaderboard position, scroll down to the "Historical" tab and expand it.

Scores that have failed to submit immediately will continue to attempt to submit for 1 hour as long as you do not close your game or sign out.

If your scores are still failing to submit after 1 hour restart your game, if a simple restart does not work, try these:
  1. Make an exception for osu! in your firewall
  2. Release/Renew IPConfig
  3. Flush DNS
  4. Restart Modem/Router
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