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So I recently changed from h420 to a wacom ctl-490, and I don't know how to transfer my old play area to the new tablet.

Some help would be greatly appreciated!

H420 area: https://i.imgur.com/SH7OUwE.png
There is probably no easy way to "transfer" your old play area to the new tablet. You will most likely need to mess around with the new tablet area and find something that is similar to the one you had before.

If you were using the full area of your H420 tablet someone calculated the coordinate points to be:
  1. Top: 0
  2. Left: 0
  3. Bottom: 5726
  4. Right: 10133

Or for the center of the tablet:
  1. Top: 1407
  2. Left: 2620
  3. Bottom: 7037
  4. Right: 12754

Your area is probably:
  1. Top: 0
  2. Left: 0
  3. Bottom: 3030
  4. Right: 5295

I can't verify that any of those are correct myself, you will need to test them.
I had to convert my H420 area too when I switched so if you use full area on the H420 (or the 420) then...

Top 0
Left 5100
Bottom 5700
Right 15200

I shrunk it down by about a CM horizontally so you might want to add 100~ or so.
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