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Just wanted to tell you that email verification is impossible on the old site (doesnt send code), it took me a while to figure it out since i didnt connect for 2 years (so i started checking my old dumpster mailboxes), but i'm leaving it here in case people are experiencing the same problem.

If you dont get the email from clicking "verify account" just go on the new site https://osu.ppy.sh/home , log in, and everything will get fixed instantly.

Might seem useless but it saves time.

ACTUALLY there is still a problem. When i try to connect on the client i'm sent to the old site for the same verification. I dont get it. The email adress is the right one but i dont receive the code. And i did copy a code that has been sent to me already for the new site. So yeah that's fucked up.
Log out from both the client and the website and log back in. You might be asked to verify one last time, but it should fix the verification issue.
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