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Do you mean triples?
Just alternate like zxz or xzx and w/e

And just... play more.
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Pawnables wrote:

Do you mean triples?
Just alternate like zxz or xzx and w/e

And just... play more.
Yeah, I figured. Thanks for the help!
You played normal maps for 2 years without playing harder ones? o.o

[Peachy] wrote:

2 years
*not trying to brag*
But it took me 1month into this game to play hard maps xd

Anyway the answer to your question (for me) i just spam zzz depending on the beat of the song and thats work for me
With time you will get use to them since there will be alot of maps with these
I'm also a beginner and I did too experience some problems with those triples, and even doubles, on top of the start of the sliders. But as you play more you develop some muscle memory and get the hang of it a little bit. Not that I do them effortlessly now. I have just 33h of gameplay after all.

So it's probably a common thing to have some trouble with that pattern.
Play whatever you're weak at to become better at it. Improving in osu! isn't rocket science.
-Makishima S-

TheShadowMonkey wrote:

I've been playing osu! on normal for about 2 years now and it finally became a bit too slow for me so I started hard maps. And they're great, just my speed and rhythm. But I have one problem...and that's those 3+ hit circles that sit on the same spot that you play before the note even starts. I hope that's a good description. Anyway, those things throw me off rhythm and I always end up either with a low score or a fail. Got any tips for these damn things?
Considering 2h per day / 3 days per week as pretty casual gameplay, you sir have 6 weeks of gameplay. 40 hours. If you start with "how long I play", speak about your real gameplay time, not time from account registration. You may just say you play really casually for few hours per week and then few weeks break, etc. My 779 hours is 2 years in pure casual gameplay calculation and honestly, I was playing actively for around 7-8 months, then just few hours per week with longer breaks.

3+ circles in stack, triples, then bursts, then streams. 3 different things with common denominator - alternation.
You just need to practice this, there is no magical way to learn it instantly without practice. In term of difficulty for human, from easiest to hardest:
triples -> bursts -> doubles -> streams -> deathstreams (this one will not be your problem till midrange 4-digit). Magical way to learn it?.....

Well, fuck, just play more and don't rush too far, it often ends with mashing habit which in 99% of times destroys your ability to play consistently.
40 hours is nothing in this game. Play more.
And don't forget to read sticky threads, they contain a lot of useful information.
Vuelo Eluko
we all learn at different rates, hey i managed to pass this on day 2
This is the kind of game where you need to pour in at least 7 hours a week to get appreciable gains, in my opinion.

The gap between normal and hard is also one of the biggest, the map i linked barely qualified as a hard, but getting into the territory of higher hards you encounter much less strict ranking criteria and have to tackle more difficult patterns, actual jumps, streams, and less spinner recovery time. Fact is, normals do not prepare you for what comes at the next difficulty tier AT ALL. I think the difference between Hards and Insane is different, and that the former actually can help you with the latter. Put simply, hards are what you need to play in order to improve right now.

But hey, if you throw another 100 or so hours into this game before 2017 ends and still find hards too difficult, maybe it would be worth investigating your habits and playstyle/settings, but you don't seem very interested in the game judging by your play history so we will see what comes of it. If you continue playing a couple hours a month with these hugs gaps where you don't play at all, you probably aren't ever going to progress appreciably beyond normals. Harsh but true.

Good luck.
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