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I'm playing on 1920x1080 fullscreen mode with unlimited (gameplay) fps, and my input lag is stuck at 7.0ms. It shouldn't be this high, i have a pretty high end computer ($1700) and a 144hz monitor. Would there be any way to lower this? I've played below 7ms before and now this just seems unplayable.
Does your monitor have G-Sync?
Rolling my Nvidia drivers back brought down the latency to below 2 ms instead of where it was for me at around 5 ms.
i use to play with 8.5 ms thats how i got to 40k rank XD

(but try restarting your pc, that helps me with some of my lag issues)
apparently switching to compatability mode fixed it, it's now 0.42

i appreciate the help though, thanks! :)
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