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Ohhh, welcome to my osu!development threat

You want to hear your osu! music without having to start the game? You are searching for a lightweight program to listen to music?

If so, the osu!player plus is for you. The osu!player plus is the "sequel" of the osu!player. It's a newer version and a complete rework of the osu!player. osu!player plus features the same feature of the old osu!player:

Import your song, favorise songs to find them faster in your favorites or create custom playlists, export your songs to a given directory, a customizer to repaint mostly everything (was removed from the old osu!player), a new feature;
just select your mp3 files and import them aditionaly in a seperat directory, so the osu!player plus can play them for you, Discord Rich Presence, a feature where you can play synced with other people via Discord in the osu!player plus and of course a auto updater.

Sounds pretty good, where can I download this?
- You can download it via this link and extract in a cozy play, where you want it.
- You can also find the download link on the osu!player plus info side

What do I need to run osu!player plus?
- You need at least the .Net Framework 4.6.1 installed

"How many people are currently involved in developing this?"
- Currently my friend Cesan and me

"Can I post feedback or suggestions here?"
- What are you waiting for, we appreciate any kind of feedback!

"Sourcecode, Github, etc.?"
- In the future, whenever I am ready to release the sourcecode to the public.

You have some pictures of the osu!player plus?
- Indeed I have some screenshots. You can find them on the all here on the info page

- You can find the patchnotes here or by pressing the version in the settings in the osu!player plus. Also the patchnotes automaticly open when you update your player.

If you want to, you can also join our discord server! There you can ask for help or leave feedback and we will try to reply as soon as we can.

"Sounds good, where can i download this?"
- Here you can find everything you need, including patchnotes, downloads and screenshots.

"How many people are currently involved in developing this?"
- Currently my friend Cesan and me

"Can I post feedback or suggestions here?"
- What are you waiting for, we appreciate any kind of feedback!

"Sourcecode, Github, etc.?"
- In the future, whenever I am ready to release the sourcecode to the public.

Patchnotes for version 9.0.p
  1. Changed some transitions, like directions.
  2. When starting the osu!player you can now favorise songs now, instead of opening the playlisteditor once before.

Patchnotes for version 8.9.p
  1. Added smooth transitions for most of the gui elements, that hides and get visible again. Also a little transtition when the song background changes.
  2. Improved song image loading. The songs should load faster now (not that much)
  3. The Volume -/Playbackslider will now only close, by pressing the icon again

Patchnotes for version 8.8.p
  1. Fixed some language errors, like displaying wrong lines when pressing the "Checking for updates" button
  2. Fixed an "issue", when opening the updater, that sometimes a message-box opens with the content "Ver"
  3. Fixed the spelling mistake and replaced "shitdown" with "shutdown"

Patchnotes for version 8.7.p
  1. Fixed an issue, when installing from the osu!player installer, that the player would never start, because of missing files
  2. Fixed an bug, that the option of "Activate Audio-Spectrum" wasn't applied, when restarting the player
  3. Fixed an bug, when closing the player via right click => Close in the Taskbar, that the player was closed but was still playing.

Patchnotes for version 8.6.p
  1. Updated the Updater. You can now start the updater by yourself from the directory, it should work like if you would start the osu!player and press on update. The reason why I did this if the player wouldn't start, you can still update your player
  2. Fixed spectrum.json was missing when doing an update.
  3. Fixed that the updater refreshes DLL's
  4. osu!player will now hide all DLL's in the folder so it looks more cleaner.
  5. Added Metaname in the settings. If you have songs that are originaly spelled in Japanese letters, you can toggle now on, that the player shows them in the original letters
  6. Playlisteditor also has now the Songbackground as Background
  7. Fixed Messagebox-Text when doing a new import
  8. Fixed Messagebox-Text when you were asked if you want to open the patchnotes
  9. Fixed that you can open unlimited Playlist/Settings windows
  10. Changed notification when osu!player starts. It doesn't says anymore that it is now in the System tray, it now shows now the version instead.

Patchnotes for version 8.5.p
  1. The Miniplayer is now gone and got replaced by the Fullscreen-Mode
  2. Removed many settings in the settings menu, also the settings menu has the songbackground as background and the buttons in the Updates in Tools window got the button design that was most used.
  3. Added to the exporter that it places now every tags in the file
  4. Fixed that the String filter wasn't working in the exporter
  5. Added some glow effects for repeat and shuffle, when activated.
  6. Fixed Backgroundimage Algorithm
  7. REWORKED the whole translation. Translators should look into the english.txt and should start from scratch. Because many lines got removed or re-written. However almost everything is now translateable
  8. Added a toggle in the settings, to disable or enable the Audio Spectrum.

Patchnotes for version 8.4.p
  1. Fixed Discord RPC showing only "importing songs..."
  2. - Added to the Discord RPC a pause image if you paused the song, also if you play NC or DC the timer should be going faster or slower now in the Discord Profile
  3. Added to the SongBackgroundImage algorithm if the there was no .JPG background found it checks the .osu files for the background and sets it.If you still have the DefaultBG then the image couldn't be loaded

Patchnotes for version 8.3.p
  1. Added Audio Spectrum to Fullscreen-Mode. You can editi the spectrum in the data/spectrum.json like FPS and the number of bars and other stuff.
  2. Changed Audio-Engine
  3. Fixed Perfomance issues
  4. Pressing on the X in Fullscreen-Mode will close now the osu!player complete
  5. You can now click somewhere in the timeline and it jumps directly to the spot, the same also for the volume

Patchnotes for version 8.2.p
  1. Fixed alignment bugs for the Update-Available box
  2. The Window Title is now the current playing song.

Patchnotes for version 8.1.p
  1. Fixed shipping of config file in 8.0.p

Patchnotes for version 8.0.p
  1. Added functionality to resize the Fullscreen-Window to any size, when its in window mode. However it won't get as small as you want there is a limit, to prevent breaking of the GUI.
  2. Added better logging, for logs. You will find all your logs in the logs directory. The player create for every session an log file, also the logs will only be writen when the player is closing.
  3. Fixed an issue in Fullscreen-Mode that when you favorise a song, the Playlist wont refresh until you open the PlaylistEditor
  4. Added minimize button to Fullscreen-Mode
  5. Increased mouse-zones for playback and volume slider

Patchnotes for version 7.9.p
  1. Fixed a bug that the player crashes, when closing the fullscreen mode
  2. Fixed an issue that the osu!player icon will stay in the system tray, even when the player is closed.

Patchnotes for version 7.8.p
  1. Many people requested it and now when you open the fullscreen mode, the miniplayer is no longer just minimized. It will now be in the system tray. Just left click the icon, to re-open the mini!player
  2. Reworked import. Now it should probably read from the and that are created after the first import. And should reduce importing time drasticly with a high amount of songs.
  3. Minor bug fixes

Patchnotes for version 7.7.p
  1. The osu!player searches now every 2.5 (150 seconds) minutes automaticly for updates.
  2. The "Update Available" lable changed to "Update <version> Available"
  3. Added a List for your current selected custom playlist in the Fullscreen-Mode
  4. Fixed the title in taskbar for the osu!player Updater. It showed MainWindow instead of osu!player Updater
  5. If you create a file in your osu!player directory with the name autostart.updater. The updater will instantly close after patching and start the osu!player. So you don't need to press this X all the time

Patchnotes for version 7.4.p/7.5.p/7.6.p
  1. Fixed an issue that the updater crashed when patching
  2. And many bug fixes that were introduced in the previous version

Patchnotes for version 7.3.p
  1. Changed the update notification. It now doesn't a message box, instead it shows a little popup inside the player
  2. Changed the playlist, folder and X icon. Also I added a little search icon in the Fullscreen-Mode searchbox.
  3. Changed the background from the Translation-Tool and Updater to the new default background.
  4. Minor bug fixes.

Patchnotes for version 7.2.p
  1. Added the Fullscreen-Mode. The Fullscreen-Mode allows you to run the player in a tidy and clean fullscreen window. You can do the most stuff from there, including: Seaching for songs, favorise songs, open the settings and the playlist editor. You can also run it in a window with a resolution of 1280x720. Why a windowed Fullscreen-Mode? Well it always starts on your primary monitor. So you go in the window mode, drag the window to your desired monitor and go back to fullscreen.
  2. Added in the settings a drop down menu, that allows you to choose in which state the osu!player should start. You can choose from Normal, Fullscreen and Fullscreen Windowed.
  3. Fixed a bug, that the "Play last played song on startup" wasn't working and played always the first song
  4. Changed the default background to something more dark, because controls were sometimes hard to see.
  5. Changed the Heart-Icon to something more clean.
  6. Fixed some font issues.

Patchnotes for version 7.1.p
  1. Changed the start song. You can now selected between 4 differen options. First song of the whole collection, Last played song, Random song and you can even choose now a start up song.
  2. Added Daycore and Nightcore. Go to the speedmeter and change the playback speed to your desire. You can even press the DC, N and NC for fast switching or resetting.

Patchnotes for version 7.0.p
  1. Added Thumbnailbuttons in the taskbar. Request by Nevertheless

Patchnotes for version 6.9.p
  1. You can now export your current selected custom playlist in the exporter. Requested by Login
  2. Minor fixes

Patchnotes for version 6.8.p
  1. Added visual feedback to the repeat and shuffle button, its now easier to see if shuffle/repeat is selected or not.
  2. Depending on the volume, the volume icon will change.

  3. Most of the translations got wiped, if you have a translation that is currently working with the newest version, then just reupload them. My updater tool messed something up, that I wasn't aware of.

Patchnotes for version 6.6.p/6.7.p
  1. Fixed a bug that the playlist mode doesn't worked correctly.

Patchnotes for version 6.5.p
  1. Changed the logo of the osu!player to something that fits more the osu!logo. Big thanks to DerNettePanda
  2. Fixed a bug that notifications didn't worked or crashed the player. If you still have the problem after this patch please check, that the .ico file in /Resources is called icon.ico

Patchnotes for version 6.4.p
  1. Fixed an issue, that Clear all favorites and Clear all songs were swapped. Now the buttons are fixed and do what they should do.
  2. Added a button to the Updates and Tools tab with the name: Export current song. It exports the current playing song to the data/singleExports directory
  3. Changed OBS support. The OBS support just prints only one file, instead of two.

Patchnotes for version 6.3.p
  1. Changed first startup volume to 25 instead of 50
  2. Fixed a bug, that the osu!player started, even if one instance was already started.
  3. Added a minimize button again, this caused that the folder button moved to the extra panel.

Patchnotes for version 6.2.p
  1. Added a Beatmap information panel to the player. It shows some details about the beatmap, like stars, od, ar etc. etc. To use this feature you need to copy your API Key into the settings and press enter, when you load a new song then it should work.
  2. Moved some of the icons to an extra menu, press the down arrow to show it and also to close it.
  3. Player doesn't need a restart, when changing the language
  4. Minor fixes.

Patchnotes for version 6.1.p
  1. Fixed a bug, when uploading files to the translation server, that the files get broke and cant be used.

    The files were never broke, just the windows editor displayed them wrong, also, I dont know why, but I used a quite old method to read lines in the osu!player. This is fixed and the wierd looking files now works, like normal.

Patchnotes for version 6.0.p
  1. Fixes the minor issue that the language editor adds after a line always a blank line.

Patchnotes for version 5.9.p
  1. Added a button to the translation tool, that allows you to directly upload your language file to the osu!player translation server. That means you don't need to send me your files and need to wait, until I uploaded it.
  2. Fixed a bug that discord showed always a hour to much in the time left text.
  3. Minor fixes

Patchnotes for version 5.6.p/5.7.p/5.8.p
  1. Added a feature in the settings to register an username for the osu!player server. As long as the username is registered you send your current playing song to the osu!player server and your version.
  2. Fixed a bug if you first start your osu!player (Fresh without any config) as the play crashes, when you press on the settings icon.

Patchnotes for version 5.5.p
  1. Added something like an "offline-mode". If you start the player without an internet connection or the server is not responding for stuff like: Checking for updates, the player will crash. This update should fix that and you just get an error message.

Patchnotes for version 5.4.p
  1. Fixed a bug that you couldn't remove songs from your playlists. Unless you press the heart.
  2. Other minor DragAndDrop fixes

Patchnotes for version 5.3.p
  1. Added a playlist editor in the playlist window. You can create now custom playlist, as much as you want and fill them with all the stuff you want.
  2. Added a Protip to the hotkey menu, so that you know wich key is your modifier key.
  3. Fixed a bug if you enabled Favorites mode (Now Playlist mode) you never could turn it of. The check was gone, but it was not updated in the player it self.
  4. Fixed that, the hand cursor was not visible when hovering over the axe.
  5. Removed empty tooltip from the volume icon

  6. CHANGED line 25 in the language files. Translators should look into this!

Patchnotes for version 5.2.p
  1. Reworked UI of Exporter, Updater and the Language Tool
  2. Fixed a bug that the play/pause button doesn't had the average color of the background.
  3. Fixed a bug that the volume icon had the same tooltip as the option icon
  4. Fixed an issue, that the checkboxes doesn't load their value when the settings window opens. (Always on Top, Enable Opacity[...])
  5. Fixed a bug that, the exporter skips all songs when no filter was active
  6. Fixed a bug that the window title of the exporter was Main Window instead of Export Songs
  7. When pressing Start exporting on the Exporter and no path was selected before, it will now open a folder dialog instead of the message box
  8. Added the ability to move the main window on the background and on the big circle.
  9. Minor fixes

Patchnotes for version 5.1.p
  1. Fixed a bug when doing a right click on the big circle, that causes the player to crash. Also the same thing when you right click on the settings background
  2. Font is now downloading when it not exist and opens now the install dialog for fonts.
  3. Fixed a bug that you cant close the settings menu via the X button on the Updates and Tools tab.
  4. Fixed a bug if your favorite list was empty and you click on Favorites mode, that causes the player to crash, because the player couldnt find the first song in your favorites.

Patchnotes for version 5.0.p
  2. We worked on a complete rework of the Interface and now its here.
  3. Changed the font to something modern. If the font isn't installed on your PC osu!player asks you to install the font.
  4. The main panel has the song background with a blur, instead of boring gray.
  5. Settings moved to its own window. Hold your mouse somewhere on the gray space to move the window.
  6. Playlist moved to its own window. It provides a better overview and your favorites are now in an extra list.
  7. Many GUI and design changes
  8. Volume bar is hidden by default and the volume can be changed on two ways. By holding ALT+UP or ALT+DOWN or clicking the volume icon, to display the volume bar.
  9. Icon size increased e.g options or playlist icon.
  10. Added shadows instead of window borders.
  11. Many fixes

Patchnotes for version 4.6.p
  1. Added a Hotkey settings tab in the settings menu.
  2. Added a new option that you can enable, so you have your song background as the settings background.

Patchnotes for version 4.5.p
  1. Added two global shortcuts, because they were requested. Press CRTL+Left or Right arrow, to go to the next or previous song

Patchnotes for version 4.4.p
  1. Added a little filter to the export function
  2. Added a history button, that shows your song history from your current session.
  3. Removed the osu!player customizer
  4. Minor fixes

Patchnotes for version 4.3.p
  1. Reworked the Discord RPC. Discord now shows the osu!player logo, if you hover with the mouse over the icon, it will show the current playing song as a tooltip too.
  2. Added a time left timer. Is kinda bugged, but better then nothing. I will keep looking into it.
  3. Removed Discord RPC refresh time. Instead the Discord RPC refreshes on each song change. (Dont forget the Discord refresh time 5-20 seconds).
  4. Discord detects osu!player automaticly.

Patchnotes for version 4.2.p
  1. Added Discord rich presents to the osu!player. Add osu!player to your games and then everyone can see wich song you are hearing currently. The rich presence refreshes all 5 seconds + discord refresh time.

Patchnotes for version 4.1.p
  1. Fixed GUI issues
  2. Minor fixes

Patchnotes for version 4.0.p
  1. Added missing line for "Enable OBS Support" in the language files.

Patchnotes for version 3.9.p
  1. Fixed language issues
  2. Fixed a bug, that the osu!player crashes when OBS-Support was not selected
  3. OBS-Support fixes

Patchnotes for version 3.8.p
  1. Added OBS support, you can enable the support in the settings. If the setting is enabled, then you will find a two files in your data/obs/ folder. songArtist.txt and songTitle.txt just add them to your OBS-Scene.
  2. Reworked language files. Removed line 20 and 21
  3. Minor fixes

Patchnotes for version 3.7.p
  1. Removed some textboxes, that were useless
  2. Some minor fixes

Patchnotes for version 3.6.p
  1. Added a messagebox, that shows when you patch to a new version and asks you if you want to open the patchnotes
  2. Added in the settings>updates and tools tab a button, that you can press and asks you if you want to send feedback
  3. Some minor fixes

Patchnotes for version 3.5.p
  1. Fixed a bug that the settings menu showed always on startup
  2. Fixed language file. The english file had some missing lines.
  3. Added a feature that allows you to open the current playing song on your default-browser and shows you the beatmap page.

Patchnotes for version 3.4.p
  1. Reworked import screen. If it is your first start or you reset the player. You can press the button to choose your songs folder OR you drag the songs folder on the window.
  2. Added an option in the settings, that you can enable opacity. That means if the player has no focus anymore the player has an opacity of 75%, if the player has focus again the opacity is 100% again.
  3. Removed top-most from importing screen, because it was always above messageboxes
  4. Bug fixes there and there.

Patchnotes for version 3.3.p
  1. Reworked settings again and now removed the box and just left the tabs with the content
  2. Fixed a bug, if you press on "Add/Update languages" that he asks you, if you want to change the language to "Add/Update languages". Now he asks you if you want to update your languages

Patchnotes for version 3.2.p
  1. Reworked the settings menu and added tabs. Now the settings menu doesn't look that full
  2. Reworked the import again. The import is pretty still the same, just that he saves a file in your "data" folder with all the stuff that the importer needs to import your songs. So he will read the two files, instead of rushing over and over again through your folders. And if the importer detects a change in your osu!folder, for example you delete or add a song he will re-import all songs and refreshes your .data files. The reasong why we did this is, that the import is much faster when you have a large number of songs.
  3. Added the language list to a combobox.
  4. Also we removed the + icon next to the "Language" label. Instead we put a "Add/Update languages" option inside the combobox.
  5. Updater fixes
  6. Error handling

Patchnotes for version 3.1.p
  1. Put some error handling in loading .mp3 files
  2. Reworked the GUI slightly. You can see now the remaining volume on the volume bar
  3. Restyled title/artist label. It's now mirrored (Not the text of course)
  4. Tickrate much higher now. The tickrate is now 10ms instead of 1.5s that means the progress bar refreshes much faster.
  5. Buttons and stuff like that now have the Hand-cursor.
  6. Moved slighty the searchbar to the right
  7. Moved controls slightly up

    Thanks for - Flutter - for giving suggestions to the GUI and found out some issues

Patchnotes for version 3.0.p
  1. Changed the Audio Library/Engine for the player for more possibilities in the future
  2. Fixed updater again
  3. Changed shuffle again
  4. Added a plus icon to the settings menug next to the Language label, if you press it you will be asked, if you want to download the official language pack and overwrite your current languages. Can also be used to update your languages
  5. Changed folder 'userData' to 'data' the program will do it by its own
  6. Added an artist label to the main GUI
  7. Import improvements
  8. Many bug fixes

Patchnotes for version 2.9.p
  1. Fixed a bug that caused an issue with the repeat function
  2. Added a new label to the main window. It is bound on the progressbar it shows how much time on the current playing song is left.
  3. Updated the updater. Its a new .exe and its also has a GUI now, it's name is just Simply Updater.exe. Please DON'T delete the old updater by yourself, the player will do it on its own, so that no issues should happen. Also the new updater is able to update the updater. So you guys don't need to download the installer everytime i change the updater.
  4. Import fixes. The player also counted in the import screen all subfolder. That caused that there could stand 2479/2300 songs.

Patchnotes for version 2.8.p
  1. Added a tool for customizng the player colors. You can find the tool in the settings menu.
  2. Error handling
  3. Bug fixes there and there
  4. Fixed a bug if the play-state is paused and you double click a song from the playlist/favorites it didnt changed the play/pause button

Also thanks for my friend Cesan4G for figuring with me out how to style some things, that didn't want to get styled. Also for joining the osu!player dev team.

Stuff that will come in the future
  1. Checking for updates for the updater
  2. Other stuff :)

Patchnotes for version 2.7.p
  1. Fixed a bug when you double click a song in the search results, that the player plays the last song always. Thanks for Cesan4G for helping me to fix that.
  2. Rewrote the CopySongsToDirectory.exe! It now has a GUI to show progress much better and is more user friendly in my opinion.
  3. Spanish translation now in the offical language pack. Thanks to JSMKami
  4. Some minor bug fixes and tweaks

Patchnotes for version 2.6.p
  1. Added a progressbar in the importing screen.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused trouble, if you use not a German OS the player always says that an update is available.
  3. The old osu!playerInstaller don't works anymore, 'cause of the new update system. Please redownload it.
  4. Updated the OsuPlayerUpdater.exe please update via the updated installer, to get the new Updater that works on all system without causing trouble.

Patchnotes for version 2.5.p
  1. Fixed a bug when the last song in the playlist is playing and you press the next button or the song finishes, it doesn't go back to the beginning.
  2. Fixed a bug when the first song is playing in shuffled playlist and you press the back button, caused a crash.
  3. Also some little and not important issues

Thanks to Miauzgenau for reporting the issues

Patchnotes for version 2.4.p
  1. Released a translation tool, to make translating the osu!player much easier. You can start the OsuPlayerTranslator.exe via the folder, or via the settings menu in the player. On your left you can see the English file and on your right is your place to write your translation inside. To get this tool, just update to the newest version.
  2. Some bug fixes

Patchnotes for version 2.3.p
  1. Recolored the GUI in a black-pinkish. It fits now more to the installer and the settings menu and in my opinion its better to read
  2. Some bug fixes

Patchnotes for version 2.2.p
  1. Always on top support now available. Just activate it in the settings and the window will always be on the top (Foreground) [Request from Blankz_]
  2. Because of i didn't found out painfulbunny's issue, I created a log file. If you launch 2.2.p for the first time, the player will create a logs folder where you can find all errors that happened (errorlog.txt). (The player clears the error log file after every start).
  3. Fixed a "bug", that osu!player creates always a names.txt when pressing the shuffle button. It was a text file for testing. You can delete the file it is not relevant/important for the player. But if you want to know what it was. It was just your shuffled playlist.
  4. Removed the feature to add/remove your songs from the favorite list via right click.
  5. Added a warning when a language file is outdated and if so it switches back to english.
  6. Bug fixes there and there

Patchnotes for version 2.1.p
  1. New shuffle algorithm. Shuffle uses now the Fisher–Yates shuffle algorithm. It shuffles your whole playlist, press the button again to shuffle your playlist again. Also it allows you now to go back while in shuffle, thanks to the new algorithm [Request from Jam]
  2. Fixed a bug on the favorite list. The bug was, when you clicked an item in your favorites it doesn't played it, or played your last song in the playlist.
  3. Search results now only shows the name of the song only, instead of the whole path. [Request from Jam]

Patchnotes for version 2.0.p
Small update
  1. Fixed many errors that could crash the osu!player on start up.
  2. Fixed again the favorite list, that it crashes on a double click.

Patchnotes for version 1.9.p
  1. Search is not anymore casesensitive, so type the way you want and you should still find your result.
  2. Fixed song background image import algorithm a bit. It now search only for .jpg or .jpeg files and not .png files anymore. The problem was, that it used to much skin elements. The filter didn't helped that much, because it would still import storyboard elements and they don't have fixed names. Also it now takes a bit less time to load an image.
  3. If a song background image is loaded. The osu!player text is hidden then. Otherwise if no image was loaded its back again. (Tell me what you think about it. :lol: )

Currently working on
  1. Still the same in 1.8.p i should slowly do them x.x
  2. Some startup safety to catch every error that could happen on start up, to avoid a reinstall or deleting the whole player config.

Patchnotes for version 1.8.p
  1. Added a folder icon on the main window. If you press it it will open the directory of the current playing song in your Windows-Explorer
  2. Added a toggle able function to replace the osu!player logo background with the background of the current song.
  3. Fixed a bug where if the song ends by itself (Not pressed on next button) and shuffle is selected, it will now play a random song instead of the usually next song.
  4. Fixed a bug where the search results opened if you selected a song in the playlist. It now will be hidden, until you search for a song.

  5. Released the osu!player installer. You can use it to download the newest version of the osu!player and download all additional languages available.

Currently working on
  1. Remembering in shuffle the last song and play it if you go back
  2. Media-key support
  3. Incasesensitive search

Patchnotes for version 1.7.p
  1. Auto updater has now its own .exe. That means if you press the "Check for updates" button in the settings menu and there is an update available, you can choose if you want to download the update or not.
    If you choose yes, it close the osu!player and starts the updater (Just a console window). Follow the instructions on the console screen to update the osu!player. If the update was successful, the osu!player will restart and you can hear you music again.
  2. The function to copy songs to a certain directory. Also moved to its separate .exe. Just go again in the settings and press the "copy songs to directory" button. A console window will appear when you continue. It asks you to press a button and the program will do its magic. You can still use the osu!player or completely close it and the program will still running. Just don't close the console window. The reason why this function went to its own .exe is pretty simple. Firstly i want to visualize you what is currently happening and what the status in general is. Secondly i had some issues that the player crashed in its last state. So that's why, i gues you also will like it more now.

Also i posted some example screenshots for the updater and the new copy function

Why I don't work on the features listed on the patchnotes 1.5.p
The reason is that i do the (most) important stuff first. I though an auto updater is pretty useful, so you don't need to look up here if you want to check for new version. Also i mostly clean my code so that i can work better. Sometimes i mess something up and i need to fix this and if i find bugs, then i will fix them first. I hope you guys Understand it. c:

Patchnotes for version 1.6.p
  1. Auto updater is now available. It searches for updates on every startup. Also if you want to be sure, you can use the update button in the settings menu
  2. Multi-Language support. The Version 1.6.p comes in two languages in English and German. If you want to create you own language for the player. Don't worry, it's possible and easier than you might think.
    Just open the osu!player folder (or where you saved it) and open the lang folder. There you see two text-files. One is for English and one for German. Just open one of these and copy the content to a new text file and name it to your language.
    Then just translate the phrases into your language. (Please watch out with spaces, you don't need to put a white space on the end of a line.)

Currently working on
  1. Still the same as the 1.5.p one

Patchnotes for version 1.5.p
  1. Some information added to the settings menu (How many songs are loaded and the song folder location).
  2. Giving an option to choose if you want to remember the song when closing the app and play it again. (Select it in the settings) [Request from Jam]
  3. Blacklist is back. Write keywords into the blacklist (One per line). Every song that contains one of the keywords gets skipped. (Also you can edit the file at <.exe location>/userData/blacklist.txt).
  4. Added a function where you can copy all songs (.mp3 files only) to a certain directory. (If you have trouble with this function please report it here).
  5. Some favorite fixes there and there (Trouble? Please report it)
  6. Move the window, when holding the mouse down on the big white osu!player logo. (The old way is available too) [Request from Jam]

Currently working on
  1. Remembering in shuffle the last song and play it if you go back
  2. Update notification
  3. Found out that the media-key support is dead currently. It will come back in the next version

Patchnotes for version 1.4.p
  1. The miniplayer is there and its also the new design and main GUI of the player. That means the old GUI is dead.
  2. I fixed the search. The search shows now all search results.
  3. A Heart Icon is now in the Interface. Press it to favorite songs or remove them from your favorites. (Also you can add them like in the old version, by doing a right click at the playlist. Or remove them by right clicking the favorite list.
  4. Notifications are now a thing. If you get annoyed by them, just disable them in the settings.

Things i know
  1. Favorites are not getting saved (yet)
  2. Sometimes the player crashes, if you add a song to your favorites with right click on the playlist.
  3. Some interface bugs.

Patchnotes for version 1.3.p
  1. Introducing a new default theme. It has now the colors from osu! (Take a look in the screenshots (If the forum would update it :) )
  2. Some fixes there and there

Patchnotes for in version 1.2.p
  1. Progress-slider not so sloppy anymore when hovering with the mouse over the slider
  2. Favoritelist fixes

Patchnotes for version 1.1.p
  1. Favorite list. (Just right click songs in the list or your recent searches to add them. The list is always saved if you want to delete songs from your favlist, then just right-click it)
  2. Progressbar to jump to specific timing points. (Needs some tweaks)
  3. Save your themes and share the files with others. (Backgrounds not included)
  4. Made some changes to the import. It doesn't import now the name song id's (e. g. 23424 Artist - Songname => Artist - Songname)
  5. Some design bugs fixed
  6. Advanced settings moved to the title-bar
  7. Some fixes on the search algorithm
  8. If changes were made to the custom settings, like changing color or background and you press save. You need now to reload the settings via the refresh button. The reason is the old instant method was a bit CPU eating.

Patchnotes for version 1.0.p
  1. Release of osu!player
Required to run the app
  1. Internet connection to run updates/the installer
  2. .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher
  3. Possibly your Windows-Smartscreen will pop up when starting the first time

osu!player installer

If you want to download a version newer than 1.7.p, please download the installer and install the newest version.

All older builds below

Builds with build in updater
Version: 1.7.p
Version: 1.6.p

Builds with the new main GUI
Version: 1.5.p
Version: 1.4.p

Old builds
Version: 1.3.p
Version: 1.2.p
Version: 1.1.p
Version: 1.0.p
osu!player installer


Exporting songs, using the export tool

Translation tool

Update window
  1. A friend for translating the player to Swedish.
  2. JSMKami for translating the player to Spanish.
  3. MrDubstep863 for translating the player to Russian.
  4. - Flutter - for helping me with many english grammar and spelling mistakes.
    Also for rewriting the English language file
  5. Netherless for French translation
  6. Xoas for Spanish translation
  7. theEriri for Portuguese translation

  1. Own installer
  2. Auto-updater
  3. Fullscreen-Mode
  4. Multi-language support
  5. Translation tool
  6. Importing Songs pretty fast without any skin elements.
  7. Copy (Export) all songs (Song files only) from the osu! folder in a certain directory
  8. OBS-Support
  9. Discord rich present
  10. Favorite songs or create entire playlists and as much as you want
  11. Search your songs
  12. Blacklist
  13. Global hotkeys
  14. Audio Spectrum
  15. Small file size

If you want to, you can also join our discord server! There you can ask for help or leave feedback and we will try to reply as soon as we can.
In the future (Not in order or confirmed)
  1. All done for now :D

Thank you for reading and if you decided to use it. Thank you very much.[/box]
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Version 1.3 out!
Please read the patch notes for more information c:
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Dev update:
I'm currently working on a miniplayer. The old window will be still there. But you can toggle the miniplayer and the mainwindow. So you can choose what you want.
I try to release a version with the miniplayer. But first i need to fix some bugs that flew in after recoding many things and moving the player in a seperate class. (The clean up and fixing takes most of my time)

Screentshot of the miniplayer:
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