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Hello everyone of the Osu! community. I'm pretty new here, as a matter of a fact I just got on today. Pretty crazy huh? I'm a little late to the game. I know everyone must be thrilled to find out I joined the platform so please cease your excitement. I hope to have fun with everyone and meet some cool people. Thanks everyone, and btw Girls' Generation(소녀시대) _ Oh! is best song in my opinion; this song makes feel like studying to get into college till I cry. Thanks everyone! :)
Welcome to the forums! Ther arent too many SNSD songs, but maybe in the future. I personally like Mamamoo. Wheein <3

We have our own k-pop community on discord
Welcome to the forum!
K-pop huh, I don't really know about them but I like some dreamcatcher song and will definitely search the other more
Well, good luck and enjoy the game ^^
Welcome to osu! And forums its very nice to meet you here :3
yo its ur boi zach add me
(Sorry mods, but I must bump this thread.)

I take a lot of my k-pop faves from Pump It Up. Add me as a friend if you like ;)
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