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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 2:23:38 AM

Artist: Wave Racer
Title: Bubble Wrap
Tags: osu ranked anime japanese
BPM: 184.11
Filesize: 4196kb
Play Time: 02:40
Difficulties Available:
  1. Normal (1.85 stars, 192 notes)

Download: Wave Racer - Bubble Wrap
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
- (11/12/17) Made bright colors specifically for Kiai Time. It should look quite a bit better now // More buffed gameplay // Replaced Kiai Time fragments with normal Kiai sessions.
- (11/11/17) Muted hitsounds entirely (sorry if you like them, lol) // Synced gameplay so it isn't bad anymore (hopefully) // Added a preview point
- (11/10/17) Added Kiai Time (don't expect perfection, lol.)
- (N/A)Replaced gameplay that was almost impossible to pass if you had half or less HP with a small break.
- (N/A)Added music video as the official 'backround' theme.

If you're modding this beatmap, most, if not, all of the distance snap 'warnings' are intentional. I probably wont move any of the beats if you tell me to.
Hi-Hi-Hellooou! :) (Sorry For my bad english)

From my queue! My queue!

Okay let's see here...


There is not a kiai time
A preview point has not been set

Check the Distance Snap (Many Errors)
Ctrl + Shift + A and click on "Check Distance Snap" and fix those errors ..

Enable Distance Snap, (Alt + Mouse Wheel) Adjust the distance between notes--

In a Normal is much more advisable one of 1.0 and 0.8 (Distance Snap)

How to place the "preview pointt"?
Well very simple, I leave you here a short tutorial! Enjoy it!

Look at the top of all the options, one of them will say "Timing"

Click on it, and go to the last option

"Set Current Position As Preview Point"


The speed of the sliders should be between 1.0 and 1.2

The "Beat Snap Divisor" It should be in 1/4


okay, starts with Normal...


Do you see these White Bars? Those are the rhythm/Pulse of the song, always try to follow them

Change through "Song Setup" or "Timing Setup Panel" Change the hitsounds to Soft, it will sound better, or maybe to Drum, and lower the volume!


With everything I told you, you should be able to improve the map ... As for kiai time, that's just on your own and, as you can see, I honestly did not find a kiai time, well, the song is not bad, it improves I've marked you so far, and maybe later I'll see how you've done it! :):D

Good Luck!
Thanks for the advice! :D

One thing I knew would most likely be a problem but still forgot about were the osu! hit noises that occurred when hitting a beat. I personally have mine muted since I find them to be very annoying, but a lot of others prefer to keep theirs on.

Other than that, I'll make sure to take what you said into consideration. Thanks! :D
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