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Hi! I'm PhilippineEevee! Nice to meet you! I love creating mixed skins for osu!(yes I am not gonna post it again.), and I play Geometry Dash! I love playing and recording games and upload to YouTube. I am very hyper because I love eating chocolates, spamming(no I am not gonna do this again forever), playing, running and eating! I make funny faces too! If you wanna hear my story, read below!

I was born in Indonesia, July 27, 2003. I love my family, they love me especially my brother. We have fun since were kids. Later, I didn't know were moving to Philippines so I also met my grandparents too. I lived in the Philippines, Negros Occidental in Visayas, Talisay City. I was very hyper when I eat chocolates. I love playing toys like toy cars. I really love eating bread with peanut butter, I even dip the bread on the milk first before eating! The reason I dip the bread because it is similar to Oreo commercial, which first they open the cookie then lick the filling then dunk the milk. While mine is that I make a peanut butter sandwich(or bread with peanut butter) then I dipped on the milk. I did this all day in breakfast. I love eating fried chicken, I don't eat fish since I was small because when they eat fish, the bones are very creepy for me, but when mom tried me to eat fish, I almost died from choking because there was a thorn on the fish. I drink water too much until the thorn has poured away on my throat. Few days later, mom and dad were fighting, my dad left the house away. I don't know what happened so I had no idea what's going on. Until many years passed dad never returns. Mom also left too, I don't my mom left too. When she left, I cried... I don't know what will happen to her so I just pray to God before I sleep that my mom and dad will be safe someday. Since I was a kindergarten in school, I started to make friends on school. The teacher is very kind and happy to me. I love her, because she helped everything for me in the future... days passed by, until I'm Grade 2... I still never see her again. But I still remember her name and her face. In Grade 2, I learned how to write cursive letters, because it's fun. Cursive letters are very interesting for me... so until now, I just use cursive letters sometimes. In Grade 4, I seemed to loss focus of my studies... I really don't like math because everything gets harder for now. In the end of the school year, there is my dad waiting on the office room. My brother saw too. My brother cried while me I was surprised and kept quiet. My dad requested my grandmother to bring me and my brother to Manila to study well. My grandma agreed, while mom didn't know that dad was here in the region(or the place that he was here). When few days later, my brother and I were ready to leave and go to Manila. In Manila, the cities are very fantastic. But Manila is the most traffic place in the Philippines. In Grade 5, I really do not know how to speak Tagalog... so I just kept quiet... in August, my dad just quit me on school because many students bullied me because I do not know to speak Tagalog. Few years passed, I thought my dad is obedient, but turns out as being malcontent(rebel, or different person). He's really smoking after all. And drink beer. He is abusive too. When I tell a lie, he spanked me very hard until I get shivered while crying... he shout towards to my face very loud... he used a wooden spoon and spanked me... when its over, I cried... it feels like I don't love my dad anymore. Few weeks later, my grandma came and asked dad to take me. While my brother just left... but he's gonna come back someday... I tell all the moments to my grandma... so grandma was shocked because dad hurt me very hard. That is why that my grandma take me home... I don't want to see dad again. HE'S A MONSTER for me... When I came in my hometown, I was finally at home... but I need to setup my bedroom. Tomorrow morning, I go outside and go to my friends house. They don't remember me, it's been many years that I never been here in Negros Occidental. So I tried to explain but they don't believe me. It was a shame that no one recognizes me, so I just return home instead. In the enrolling school days, instead I was supposed to be Grade 6, I was in Grade 5. Grandma just enrolled me in the public school, because private schools are expensive. In Grade 6, I gain new friends on school, and one student named Jay Em Cutanda just said that he will be my partner for now on. I was very happy. He's my best friend for now. He helped me everything for me. Now, I'm in Grade 7. Jay Em was on other school in Silay City. But sometimes we met each other... In the internet, literally people don't like me because I am such a idiot, annoying around, and act like shit(stupid). Yes, I annoy people around because I thought it was funny after all, but I realized it is very insulting. I feel sorry to the admins for breaking the rules in the osu! community(such as Skinning Forums) because I did not listen, I pushed too hard... I won't do this again. For now, I will be normal, and quiet... for now.

If you would like to read my entire story, visit in my userpage!

[centre]My Newgrounds Account https://foxesrulemusic.newgrounds.com
My YouTube Channel https://youtube.com/c/FoxesRuleGD
My Geometry Dash Profile https://gdprofiles.com/philippineeevee
hmm that avatar.. aren't you a tad young to be reading that comic?

welcome haha
quite the wall of text there, sounds like you've been dealt a tough hand
a fellow "pinoy", i see....... well, l hope things will be okay for you ^_^
For now... hey I feel you.

Hey speak bahasa? Guess not.
Well, welcome to the forum!
Welcome to osu! my friend.
Welcome to osu! And forums

Check my GD profile if you dont mind xD

a sob story.
anyway welcome m8 :):)
Oh hey, welcome to the forums! One thing that surprised me is how we’re born EXACLTY 3 years apart! XD

Also liv your pfp (I know of that comic too XD) Pokemon are great uwu
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