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Hello OSU! community I will be hosting a 1v1 winner takes all tournament for a ★ Gut Knife | Doppler, Factory New.
Registration will be for players of rank 200k-85k.

Now for more details

It will be a 30 player 1v1 elimination tournament where one match will occur weekly (missing a 2 matches in a row will result in an instant forfeit and withdrawal from the competition).
Once 30 players have joined the discord and registered as part of the OSU! tournament a roster will be put together by the administrators and will be posted on the discord (if you cannot make the specified day ask a OSU! administrator in the discord and your opponent, if all parties agree it can be postponed to a suitable date)
It will happen anywhere between December and March of 2017 and 2018 once the roster has been finalised.

first join this discord you will land in a registrations channel and from there contact the server moderator "boiledcabbages"
and then he will add you to the OSU! tournament role, and that's it you've signed up.
For administrator/commentator role follow a similar process though I'll have a maximum of 5 administrators and 5 commentators
The whole tournament will be first come first serve.

The mappool will be released closer to the time though expect 4.5-5.5* maps

PLS be nice it's my first tournament though I hope it will become an annual thing.
Just a note, I don't think half of the 6 digits can play or even pass 5.5*, for measure a 30k-70k tournament like RMoT, the maps are around 4.5* and the tiebreaker 5*, look a lot of other tournaments the mappool for this range would be 3.5-4.5* instead imo. Just a recommendation do what you want... Oh yeah and I'm pretty sure a good portion of your players don't play CS:GO, so that prize is pretty pointless. Most tournaments run without a prize or supporter tag prize, or if they do it's big tournaments like OWC.
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Thanks, I'll definitely take it into consideration
i just wanted a gut knife doppler too bad im over the rank :^(
gut doppler for a 5 digit tournament... how rich are you man

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Play Offline wrote:

gut doppler for a 5 digit tournament... how rich are you man

it'll just be from off the market so no specific (I still figure it's a nice prize) also the tournament will only start once I have at least 25 players
I'm 69k and I still can't consistently pass 5* maps...
ty for the free knife
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