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hi, it's almost ready, it may get bubbled soon
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ah shit
nm pls
Artist/Title: Camellia/crystallized
I recommend you Lovely complex, Kaichou wa maid sama, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and my favorite "Bokura ga Ita" but it's romance :3
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-Sh1n1- wrote:

I recommend you Lovely complex, Kaichou wa maid sama, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and my favorite "Bokura ga Ita" but it's romance :3
holy shit, how do you manage to know my favorite anime all of a sudden. i love all of these, i just read lovely complex manga till the end, a pretty good one. havent try bokura ga ita though but will try later!


will be taking sidetail and sh1n1. i havent check everything but im going to pick one more from this queue. thanks for posting!
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cute small set only please. try to add song title as well
Yano Tatsuya - Itsuka Kaeru Nukumori

btw I'm a big fan of Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere, have two season anime now but I just know It will no plan to make the third season, so sad.
ah nvm I posted map before..
Eleni Foureira - 2019 S' Agapo, greek christmas song lol
Mak Kau Hijau
Hi, NM please
Lazy Lazy - Crazy Crazy
Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san is a great recent comedy about working in a book store. Joshiraku focuses on a word-play and very japanese types of humor.
Hanazawa Kana
Can i link two maps?bcs i cant remember if i hav posted one of this before...
Machico - Magical Happy Show !
nhii set and already bubbled
Uchida Maaya - youthful beautiful
From ssss.gridman and aiming for 3 diffs(waiting for ins but will coming very soon)

So i would like to recommend ssss.gridman for heroine rikka(although the ending is a bit ...)
Thank you~

ClariS - Sakura Saku

Cute song and cute small set~

Also Bubbled

Thank you!
small short set
Toby Fox - Vs. Lancer
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small set
You Only Live Once (TV Size)

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im blind
Liz Triangle - Whiches night
NM please
small set - NHI

Mitchie M- Birthday Song for Miku

For anime, I like old stuff so my favorite slice of life is Lucky Star. It's a show with people doing basically nothing and you just tune in to see cute girls going about on their daily life. For comedy I think One Punch Man is quite good. One Punch is getting S2 next season so you can try that I guess.

P.s (also you looked at my map before, so maybe you could consider looking at it again?)
Hello, NM please
Thank you very much!
Ps: cancer song i know xd
Let's imagine that it's a cute set
MY FIRST STORY - REVIVER, Only 5 diffs ( Have 1 BN already )
and yeah Grand Blue

Title: Yuuki Kaji - Oppai Dragon no Uta

Diffs: Easy - Normal - Hard - Insane (Last)

Thanks ^w~
Hello, NM pls

Thanks for considering ! ~

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