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MMC #2 Results
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MMC #3 Results

Hello! This time around, we're starting our first Special Contest: every special contest will have a different theme to it, and this one is Collabs! This contest will last from November 12 06:59 GMT +0 to November 19 06:59 GMT +0; more details below.


Some things are different from our usual MMC, but here's the basic outline:
  1. The contest is for osu!Standard.
  2. You and one partner will submit a collab entry.
  3. Register via the registration link in the Registration section below and join our Discord. This is where the contest is organized, and all contest updates will be posted here.
  4. You and your partner must both be registered and in the Discord to be valid contestants.
  5. On the beginning of the contest date, the base .osz for the contest will be released for public access on our Discord.
  6. Contestants will have 7 days (168 hours exactly, if you care about that) to complete and submit 1 difficulty. Entries may be resubmitted as many times as required until the 7 days are over.
  7. Submissions will also need to detail the collab parts for each entry, with the total times mapped being roughly equal for both members of a team.
  8. After the 7 day period has concluded, no more entries will be accepted. In the following weeks, judges will examine every entry and make their decisions.
  9. Once judging has concluded, I will release the results on the forum.

If you want a closer look at how the contest works, feel free to use the links at the top of this post to see how previous contests operated (though of course, this is the first special contest, so not everything will be the same).


The prizes will be:
  1. Supporter tags of 3, 2, and 1 months each for the top 3 pairs (courtesy of Chaos), and;
  2. An awesome profile badge for both winners!

After the contest, the winner traditionally hosts a set with the other 2 top entries.


  1. This document contains the link to register for MMC #3.5: ... sp=sharing (yes, a lot of the information is redundant, but I want to make sure everyone does everything correctly!)
  2. Complete the form as a Contestant and use the invite link at the end to join the MMC Discord server. This is where the contest will be organized.
  3. You and your partners must both be registered and in the Discord!
  4. Only select Non-Participant if you wish to observe the contest without participating.

    Please note that you must register via this form even if you are already in the Discord!


  1. Cerulean Veyron
  2. Smoothie World
  3. squirrelpascals
  4. Namki

For More Important Information:

View our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here (FOR GENERAL MMC; SOME INFORMATION MAY BE INACCURATE FOR 3.5): ... sp=sharing

View the Judging Criteria here: ... sp=sharing

View our MMC Discord Chat Rules here: ... sp=sharing

All of these documents can be viewed in the #welcome channel of the Discord.

As always, I am open for any questions you may have. If I'm unavailable, contact my Organizers: Chaos and Xenans. And if all else fails, please ask in #general; they'll probably know the answer.

I hope everyone enjoys the contest. Good luck!
Cerulean Veyron
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