Why did you start on osu!?

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I was at a LAN party about 2 and a half years ago. At that time I was starting to get tired of league after playing it nonstop for several years, and I was looking for something new to substitute it. I saw someone playing some kind of reaction game late at night. It looked pretty cool so I asked my friend if he knew what it was called. He told me that it was called osu!, and that it was a rhythm game.
The concept of rhythm games have always intrigued me. I used to go to my friends house to play guitar hero all the time, but I never bought it for myself.
The first night I started playing osu! is probably one of my fondest memories from this game. I tried playing multiplayer, and got to know people I still have connections with to this day. Looking at the global rankings was really inspiring to me as well. I watched some replays and thought to myself: "I want to be able to do that as well!". And here I am.
That weekend really changed my life, and I am truly thankfull for what happend. I don't know what I would have done without osu!, tbh.
Need a F2P game to replace league that has less time restriction, rhythm game fits that description, stumble upon this game while looking at YouTube videos of Cyrus and deemo

I pretty much played for songs so there's not really a way for me to start or stop
I was a cookiezi wannabe
Freedom dive was my first map
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HAH! Called it!

Just realized I didn't really say my reason to start, so might as well do it now
Well, if I remember correctly (Spoiler: I do), I mostly wanted a rhythm game that would play similar to a Piano, then I stumbled into !Mania, after playing too many converts I went to normal osu!, and decided to stay, mostly because I liked the idea of being able to tap to more than just your usual rock band and guitar hero stuff.
Mio Winter
Why can't I subscribe to a topic without posting on it? I just wanted to lurk and read others' posts. Hrmpfh.

My story: Played another game (not fps, was about clicking orbs) -> wanted to get better at clicking -> searched YT -> found impossible osu! video -> wanted to do the impossible -> downloaded osu! -> best idea ever
Cousin introduced me to it, he thought I would like it.
Played for a bit, got bored and didn't play it. Then I've watched some Cookiezi insane shit and wanted to become good player.
zephhyre and gayzmcgee
I saw a friend playing it and some other videos on it, so I decided to try it.
Im Yoona
I thought that the mouse dexterity would make me a better ADC in LoL. That all stopped once i got my tablet
It seemed like a fun pass time.

And it was.~♡
Well i play osu because my old vga broke, and i cant play any decent game.
And theres my liltle brother installing osu on my computer and saw him play a couple times... so i tried to play.. and got hooked by it, till now...
Was passively looking for a game like Guitar Hero then found
StepMania by Staiain - AGDQ 2016 -> Staiain -> Stepmania -> Staiain played osu!mania = I started playing osu! std
Flashback to a warm sunny day in July 2014. MizuTenshi99's friend, wzc533 wanted to get her to try out osu! but she was hesitating to download it. I got sick of their back and forth exchange and decided to download it on to my computer to try it out. Checked the game out, explored the stuff, gravitated toward the mania mode. Fast forward a couple hours, me, MizuTenshi99 and wzc533 are playing Tear Rain in multi. The rest is history.
It all started on June 13 2017 when my cousin introduced me to Osu! well i am a fan of rhythm games like Cytus, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero etc so i told why not and let's give it a shot so now i became addicted to this game so every now and then i play regularly almost everyday it's been 5 months still i am happy and obliged to play this game made by Peppy :)
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