How do you get better at streaming?

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How does one go by on getting better at streaming? I've tried but its pretty difficult for me either i go to fast or go to slow.
Play more...

Well sorry for the cookie-cutter answer, but rly, play more maps that feature streams or play stream practice maps. Streaming isn't something you start being able to do after one or two days of play, it will take you weeks if not months of dedicated practice to get it right most of the time.

Or to give a more sophisticated answer, I'll be quoting from a reddit thread about Korilak, where he talked about his improvement:

Reddit-Thread linked below wrote:

Streams are possibly one of the hardest things to improve quickly. Due to the nature of physical training, you will not be able to improve this within a few days or weeks. It is a slow-climb experience which will build if you are consistent. Once again, for streams I was provided with a guide which can be seen in the Stream Map List box at Nyari's which I have built on and changed as I improved. This guide helped me a lot but I added methods to the stream maps recommended on Nyari's profile:
Link to the above-mentioned reddit-thread

I recommend you the read the entire reddit-thread if you want to figure out how to improve at a fast but also steady pace.
idk i just played mazzerin maps, some SOLO djpop map +ezdt, etc etc

playing this map, by first starting with the 8 note bursts at lower bpm and working my way up I gained a LOT in terms of streaming. Also, note that you should play the ENTIRE song through when you do it, even though your hands will basically not be streaming by the end of it (if you have pain or anything then of course pause the game and take a break). They're all hp 0 im pretty sure but just throw on no fail to see where youre at, no shame in doing it. hope this helps

SnowieFox wrote:

How do you get better at streaming?
Stream more
First you need stream map, you can search and download it via google search.
But find the range of your tap speed..(not too fast, or too slow)
Turn on hit indicator and play the map..
Check via replay and look at hit indicator.. you can see if you tap too fast or too late)
(Left if you tap too fast, and right if you tap to slow).

To get the ryhtm first you need to play with relax, and listen carefully the hit sound.
Hope this post can help you.
play more
Korilak> "My Guide to osu! (with contents page)"
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