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Is Mouse & Keyboard More Superior Than Tablet?

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First post here.. yay o/
I heard a lot of people saying using tablet is for those who have no skill , and I even heard more that using touchscreen is considered as really bad and no skill, and also mouse only players are the respected and professional ones, is this fact considered as true? I tried using tablet and touchscreen and yes, it is easier than using mouse but I still prefer mouse and keyboard because I'm used to it and it's way more accurate than them.. Using tablet and touchscreen doesn't make me tired like I use my mouse on long periods.. But you know, I can't disrespect tablet players since most professionals are tablet players ( Cookiezi, etc. ), but the ones who I respect the most is the mouse only/mouse & keyboard user like Doomsday since I know using mouse on osu for a long period makes people tired.. I've heard a lot of answer but I'm going to ask this again just to make sure and to clear out any of my misperception since I'm a newbie here..
Neither playstyle - be it mouse&keyboard, tablet, touchscreen, sticks&stone, using your feet instead of your hands - is better than other playstyles. Choose what is most comfortable for you, if that is playing with a mouse or w/e than good for you :)

plz enjoy game
Whoever told you that tablet uses no skill was most likely being sarcastic.

Mouse takes more skill to master because it has more disadvantages, that's where
"Mouse > Tablet" came from.
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Thanks for the info guys!! I really appreciate it =D
Most people use tablet in the higher ranks so people who uses a mouse is seen as an "underdog" and people respect them for not using a tablet. For all I know they're just different playstyle and I don't know whether one's better than the other, though I often see people who changed from mouse to tablet improving a lot.

Touchscreen is kinda weird because they play REALLY DIFFERENTLY from the standard, so there's a lot of negativity towards them lately and especially the ones that tried to PP farm with it (see: freedomdiver's userpage
Which confuses me because touchscreen used to be seen with awe (from what I remember) with people like ExGon, but when PP is involved people just hate it.
Differennd tools are better for doing differend tasks. They will still be differend even if you 'master' them and will still perform differendly. If you want to use a tool that's worse it's fine. If your goal is to make the best results with no predetemined tools you should use the best tools for the task.

Some opinions:
Aiming with fingers is much easier initially than grabbing a pen or mouse and aiming with those. (You've practiced it your whole life)
Absolute positioning on tablets and touchpads make aiming much easier to learn and maintain.
You pretty much have up to 5 tablet pens you already learned to control (you pick the one that matters by touching) on touchscreen making a lot of things much easier.

Differend tools change game difficulty.
Mouse is clearly superior cause we have #1 cutie in osu: doomsbae
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lol xD doomsbae

N0thingSpecial wrote:

Mouse is clearly superior cause we have #1 cutie in osu: doomsbae

N0thingSpecial wrote:

Mouse is clearly superior cause we have #1 cutie in osu: doomsbae
Mouse is more fun to play imo. Tablet helps a lot but less fun to play.
mouse players best players obviously.
but on a serious note, no. not really. mouse only requires more skill imho, i think most people should agree on this? but mouse + kb. no, not really.
Mouse and Tablet require completely different skillsets, and muscle memory from one doesn't carry to the other.

And touchscreen is a meme.
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