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Download: Sati Akura - Hibana
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Assume that i was drunk when i did this, okay? Some people wanna play this map only for the Sati's vocals, especially russian ppl, so I don't wanna delete map for this reason. Also if someone interested why there's so many favs compared to the original ver of the map that was mapped by rohasshiki( link in the description btw ), there's 2 reasons for it, first of all - Map was posted in Sati's group long time ago and ofc some of osu players fav it, also as we all know some of the russian ppl like to play maps with native for them vocals. Pls stop asking why this still not ranked, posting something stupid and etc. If you wanna play this ver of map just play. It's will never be ranked and there's nothing more to discuss.
I hope there are no more questions.

10.7.18 - 100fav.

Miku ver.
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