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Hello everyone,

I was playing OSU! last time and I wanted to try out the playermode (I'm playing this game not so long)
So I wanted to download a map from someone and the most of you know that you must click the button to download the map, but it's different in my way.

So I clicked the button and nothing happend... wth....

So plz can anyone tell me... what information do I need to tell to solve this problem?
Did anyone else had this problem in the beginning?

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me.
"playermode" is referring to multiplayer right?

First of all go on the browser you are trying to download the maps from and make sure it is set as your default browser under the options tab.

You can also look at some similar threads and see if any of the solutions there help
Does this always happen, with all maps?
Unsubmitted maps can not be downloaded this way, so if you randomly stumbled upon a room with unsubmitted maps that would explain it (happens mostly in Taiko and CtB rooms).
If it always happens - does your browser open at all when you click on the button?
I know, but the same problem appears at all the maps I want to download.
I still try to copy and paste the link of the map and try it this way, but I still want that i can download from the 'click here' button.
Most of the people will kick me because I'm too slow you know XD

And no, the real problem is that there is NO browser popping up when i click the button.
As per James' reply, you need to set your default browser. It sounds like it isn't set correctly. Read and follow said instructions.
Ah, i had mozilla firefo as default browser.
i turned it to internet explorer and it works perfectly

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