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Hello everyone,

I was playing OSU! for the first time and I thought it was a pretty cool game. I loved how you could create your own beatmaps so I was checking it out and making my first beatmap. Later on my computer suddenly shut off and gave me this wierd old-school screen that told me that my PC was enterting a damage step, so i needed to turn off my computer, bye beat map :(

I tried again after restarting my PC, but then it happened again and the time was even shorter then the previous try.

How can I play OSU! normal without having this issue??? plz can someone help me? I liked it very much T>T

P.S.: my norton virus scan said that the OSU! i downloaded from this site was clean.
It could help if you can show the main error that comes up on the screen when this happens.

Usually this would be due to an overheating problem, you can try enabling the frame limiter/low-end PC on the options screen and see if it makes any difference. Also go through and make sure your audio/video drivers are fully up to date.
Okay, i have the problem with the blue screen again and it sais: a problem has been found, windows is being turned off to prefent damage.

***STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0xFF0CE838, 0xFF0CEAA0, 0x0AD0002)

After the countdown the computer restarts itself,

Plz help :S
Does this happen only in Editor or in playmode too
your computer is overheating. Clean it.
Okay so i cleaned my computer from the dust inside and it still keeps popping up.

And i haven't tried the Playermode because I have trouble with downloading the maps for some wierd reason XD I will make a post for that later so we don't have to discuss that now.

I will try playermose tonight so I will post a reply by then. So far this issue only appears in editor mode (still too bad because the editor mode is too great :( )
So I was playin OSU again and I found out it was only happening while I play a beatmap. That also includes testing my own beatmap.
Can someone do anything with that information?
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