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Hello, I have been playing osu for like 2 months and i started looking for a tablet. I have decided to buy a CTL-480S, but I cannot find any sites who have it in stock and ship in Romania, any help? Anyone knows a site or something?
I don't think that they are being manufactured anymore. If you really want that exact tablet then your best bet is getting a used one from ebay. Anyway I'd recommend getting something cheaper if you are only going to play osu on it.
Something like
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EN27U9U?m= ... etail_page

Ships globally.
It's 200$ though... Since it's Prime and whatever.

Now, if you're only gonna play osu! with it, I recommend you look around on eBay for second hand ones that don't look too bad.
And this should be common sense, but only buy from sellers with at least 95% and above positive feedback rate and stay away from auctions.

You can also use a "package relay" service like myUS.
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