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I checked the common topics and this didn't show up and it doesnt seem appropriate to ask in the Beatmaps forum as they redirect to here for skin related questions.

I need help as when I update my map most of my custom skin element get uploaded to the site, but some of the skin elements, specifically the spinner elements that I made don't get included into the .osz file whenever other people download it.

Custom spinner works for my version since the file is in the folder, but not for online downloads since the elements are not included in download.

Beatmap: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/670949#osu/1418831

Screenshot of it working in my game: Spinner in game
Screenshot of my files: My song folder

Screenshot of online files: Friend's downloaded song folder

His doesn't include the video, the spinner elements, and some custom hitsounds like a silent sound to cover over the annoying slider whistle.
My folder file size is 29.8 MB (<30 MB), while his is only 8 MB even when he picks the "download with video" option.

Any ideas on why this happens? Things I can do to fix this? Any help/ideas are welcome


So I was able to figure out what was going on, osu! doesn't like it when you try to upload any file that has a size of 0 bytes. Replacing the 0 byte files with small sized replacements (~4Kb but still empty) fixed the problem completely!

Shoutouts to a really really old post by Bara-! THANK YOU! :D
This is why Jolly Pintail didn't get top5 in taiko Aspire 2017

I hate beatmap skins

And I'm not the one who mapped Jolly Pintail btw
Make sure that you have made even a tiny change in the map itself before submitting the map ("update to latest" should appear in song selection) with the spinner files.

Tell your friends to delete the map first and redownload after.

If they still miss the spinner after redownloading go post the problem here (Help Forum) since it seems like a problem with submissions.
Ok thanks I'll try over there.

It's weird because some of my friends only get the video while others only get parts of the skin.
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