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Like, seriously. How and where do you go to best start learning this?
And PLEASE don't come with your BS like.. just play the game, do what feels natural, ew dont copy others, etc... please firetruck off, okay?

I'm currently doing 6* beatmaps but I feel like I'm using my fingers only which leads to problems when doing fast streams.
I'm a single tapper a lot sometimes even for doubles or triples.

Now... I read today that tapping with wrist is probably the way to go when playing this game because you'll be able to tap a lot faster and do your streams efficiently.

Thing is.. I honestly can't tell if I'm using only my fingers and/or my wrist.
I mean.. when doing streams my fingers obviously go extremely fast and am able to do 200BPM+ with my fingers only,
but even then I can still see my wrist moving slightly.

Not like other famous streamers who actually try to catch a fly first by raising the palm of their hand 500 meters up and then smashing it onto their keyboard, but still..
it moves just a little.

I don't know if I'm tapping with wrist, fingers or both. And when I try doing it on 6*, I'm focusing way too much on my hand and pretty much failing anything.
I just can't tell if I'm doing this right.

Any tips or tricks on where to start and how to know if it's my wrist or only my fingers? :)

+++++ I also read somewhere that holding your thumb beneath your index finger helps, but I dont see how this helps and why? I use my middle finger to tap on the Z key, index on X. And when holding my thumb underneath my index I occasionaly let go because I'm more focused on my middle finger. +++++
This belongs in G&R.

If you want to learn how to do something, it is always better to practice it on an easier level, then transition it to harder activities once you have got it down

And what do consider "doing 6 star". Only passing? Good acc? Keeping combo? I only ask because I really believe that playing 6 star is going to do very little for your improvement
In all honesty.. I started doing 6* yesterday and I'm able to pass them with a B or C ranking. I keep combo quite often but fast streams just ruin it for me.
And I have a feeling that this is because I'm tapping with fingers only even though my wrist moves slightly.

I've heard before from others that I progress way too fast in this game but that's only because I'm pushing myself till my body starts shaking.
And I don't really care about PP, so I just keep on playing beatmaps that I can't pass until the point where I can.
And I've always played rhythm games so that might've something to do with it.

Either way ye.. I'm a quick learner but this whole wrist tapping kinda thing just confuses me and the fact that I don't know if I'm doing it right frustrates me.
Aren't there like any single taps maps out there that I can practice on with my wrist instead of my fingers?
Because I've gotten so used to it that my brain automatically chooses to tap with fingers over wrist instead :p
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