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Looking for some help to solve this problem.
Problem Details:
A have problems with my fps in-game, its usually fine, but recently (sometimes) when I open the game it goes down and stays around 45-50 fps. I can't play the maps because they have delays and lag. The problem seems to fix it self back to normal like nothing happened after waiting and not playing :|
Also when I open osu! I just get a black screen and the game just minimize it self (really weird) after that i just maximize it and I'm in game :?

I'm using a laptop.
Tried running the updater, changing the frame limiter (its set to 240), closed unnecessary programs, and cleaned laptop with ccleaner and 360 security :(

Is there some sort or maintenance going on or something I just don't know.

Thanks in advance

Video or screenshot showing the problem: here's a small picture of the fps.
osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
Please try updating/reinstalling your graphics drivers, here are some links:
  1. NVIDIA (download the second driver on the list that shows up when you search)
  2. AMD
  3. Intel
Oh wow! Thanks a lot that did the trick. :) Everything seem's to be working great now.
For some reason my Geforce Experience account was logged out, so I didn't receive any news about the updates :? For now I will keep an eye on it.
Thanks again!
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