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It's like my main goal in the game is to get 1,000+ pp. At first I was improving rather fast. I was able to FC almost any 3 star. So One day I wanted to do a 4 star and at least pass it. So I beat my first 4 star but after that my ability in jumping just dropped. I can move my mouse faster enough and I'm good at streaming I just can't do jumps for shit. In 4 stars I can do the stream parts and the other parts well but when I comes to jump I just lock up. My best play was on a 4 star I nearly fc'ed because it was 45 seconds long and it was a jump lvl. Now that it my best play I every 3 star I fc is weighted.

Some days I can do jumps other days in can't do it at all. I know it takes a long time for me to warm up in any game but no matter what I do I just can't do jumps. And I also can't gain much pp off 3 stars.
If you aren't able to play 4-star maps gaining rank and FC-ing maps should not even be in your realm of thinking. Stop worrying about getting 1k pp until you can play 5-star maps relatively well. Keep playing 4-star and gain skill for now, and try to play as many jump maps as you can :)
I was actually stuck under 1k for the longest time.
Just keep playing the game normally and you'll get there eventually! Play maps you're comfortable with, too. If you,re playing and always looking for how you HAVE improved instead of how you could improve, it'll be much harder.
I actually had about 2-3 weeks somewhat recently where I could not play well to save my life. I just stuck trough it and then I managed to get lots of 100pp+ plays!

You don't have to do JUST jump maps, either. There's plenty of maps between 3-4 stars that only use jumps occasionally. I actually found a style of map I really liked recently and it's the opposite of jumps. Check it out :P
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