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Helluuu fellow weebs :)

Got my hands on a CTL 480 but I've always used the Huion H420 up till 6*
So I'm kinda used to the area now.
I play fullscreen 1920x1080 and tried the full area on my 480 but my hands start to hurt eventually and the sensitivity is just.. too low for me.
I pulled it off but I prefer a higher sensitivity. And since I'm not good at math I dont know how to calculate stuff like.. tablet area, actual play size, etc...

I've seen people claiming to know the 420 area size but out of everyone who said the coordinates there weren't any that looked a like. :|
One said it's 12754x7037
Other one said it's 10160x5842
-sigh- :x

Which is it? I need to know, pleaaaaaaaase <3
Just try to get it about the same size just by eyeballing it, you should get used to the slight area difference quickly. Good luck!
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